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Introducing Merren – Simple, user-friendly and conversational surveys


The world’s first messenger routed research engine platform, Merren has been created by industry pioneers. Merren is the only end-to-end platform in the world for messaging-app-based surveys. It will let you build fully automated surveys for messaging apps like Whatsapp. Merren enables firms to create, distribute and analyze surveys on a single platform. 

Users can create easy-to-use surveys, deploy them through a simple shareable link, collect and store validated data online and automate analysis in five easy steps.  Need help with distributing the survey? Merren can help there as well. The Merren platform is backed up by a global panel of 35 Million potential responses, around 2.5 Million of which are from India.

Sumit Saxena, Co-founder Merren, while talking about the need for a product such as Merren, said, ‘Consumers want to be heard but are reluctant to answer long surveys. This results in a low response rate and no real actionable research insights. We developed Merren as an innovative solution to overcome this barrier. The interface is inclusive and simple as respondents can express themselves more spontaneously on apps like WhatsApp which they are familiar and comfortable with. This enables brands to leverage the in-built features of these apps, leading to refined and nimbler access to data. Audio questions also help overcome comprehension issues, one of the limitations of self-administered, text-heavy questionnaires.

Monalisa Saxena, Co-founder Merren, while working with an FMCG client during the pandemic, revealed that ‘Consumers today would rather participate in a conversation than a survey. For market research to be successful, companies need to reach the customers where they are, through a medium they are comfortable with, in a language they understand. Browser-based surveys run into the limitations posed by the reach and unfamiliarity of the user interface. On the other hand, frequency of usage and ease of accessibility of messenger based apps makes surveys accessible to  users across the world’


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