MOFSL launches PHYGITAL to help the first time investor to start the right way

MOFSL launches PHYGITAL to help the first time investor

Motilal Oswal Financial Services Ltd (MOFSL) has announced the launch of its new ad campaign to target nascent investors.

India saw a huge surge in the number of first-time investors in the last year. With 14 million new investor accounts added. The ease of transaction and the work-from-home model have brought in a large chunk of new investors into the market, most of which are investing in the DIY way. But most of these account holders do not have the skills, expertise, or experience to do the research and analyze stocks. Motilal Oswal Financial Services Ltd’s (MOFSL) value-added stockbroking service has come out with a new ad campaign targeting new to market/novice investors. PHYGITAL broking service introduced by Motilal Oswal Financial Services Ltd, backed by their 30+ years of experience in equity investing offers a combination of expert advisory with Relationship Managers and Digital Advisory Tools. This will create a strong right-way market entry for the nascent investors.

To showcase this proposition; the campaign shows a series of instances where people are trying to accomplish tasks like swimming, gymming , fixing taps, cutting hair etc  for the first time on their own  without adequate knowledge and experience.  This leads to disastrous consequences. Things work out only once they take the help of an expert/advisor to get them started.

Speaking on the film Ramnik Chhabra (Executive Director Marketing MOFSL) said, “When you are doing something for the first time; not everyone will get it right without expert advice. In this campaign we have used this insight in a relatable way to address the substantial Point Of Market Entry equity investing audience. Our equity expertise available through a unique combination of a physical advisor available on phone & digital advisory tools on the investing app can help new to market/novice investors start investing the right way.”

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