Monedo Financial Services get Kapil Dev as an investor

Monedo Financial Services is a German based company

Monedo Financial Services has onboarded the former captain of the Indian cricket team, Mr Kapil Dev as an ardent investor, brand advisor and Advisory Board member. The Indian cricketer of the century resonates with the theme of Monedo Financial Services and hence made an important impact by a contribution to our journey.

“Association with a leader of this vibrant and enormous aura of inspiration is a milestone that Monedo is immensely proud of. Kapil Dev is synonymous to result-oriented leadership, triumph, and resilience. The iconic win of the 1983 World Cup is permanently embedded in our minds and the celebrations still reverberate. Mr Dev’s presence takes us down the memory lane of this phenomenal victory! Monedo wants to embody the principles and values epitomized by Mr Kapil Dev; the recipient of the coveted Arjuna Award and Padma Bhushan Award by GOI. Our aspiration to emerge as a lender of choice by our customers and to reach out to them with all our innovations and reliability will be bolstered further under the mentorship of the legendary Mr Dev”, said Ashish Kohli, MD & CEO Monedo.

“Monedo Financial Services is the new age quintessential financial solutions provider. Our phygital model is structured to reach wide expanse of consumers both tech-savvy and the ones just beginning to acclimatize themselves with the digital world signifying a balanced blend of technology and human intervention. The business model encompasses a non-cumbersome process that evolves into Point-of-Sale lending. Soon the company has plans to foray in affordable mortgage segments through digital process. This model permits an interactive and seamless lending experience within minutes. Monedo has gained ground as a lender at a time when most businesses thought otherwise, and this sanguine approach is imperative in both sports and business.” said Kapil.

Monedo Financial Services Private Limited is a German-based company that has been granted a first-of-its-kind Digital License by the RBI to commence business in the Indian sub-continent, in October 2018.

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