Crompton brightens up the lives of those who never lost their spirit

Mood Jaisa, Lighting Vaisa captures heartwarming stories

Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals Ltd., an organization that has always aimed to make a positive difference in people’s lives with conscious innovation and hassle-free products, has taken the initiative to impact lives in a more meaningful way. The brand has launched a film as an extension of its “Mood Jaisa, Lighting Vaisa” campaign that aims to lift the moods of many with its range of ceiling lights. The heartwarming film beautifully brings to life how the brand shared the gift of light with young budding kids and the elderly thereby lighting up their aspirations and dreams truly spreading happiness by brightening their future.

There are many sections in society that struggle to complete simple chores and their daily tasks due to poor lighting. While the festive season embodies light and brightness everywhere, not everyone has the opportunity to get access to basic lighting on an everyday basis. Many instances like where the aged can’t indulge in daily routine and recreation due to bad light affecting their wellbeing and self-confidence; students also face a lot of issues when their classrooms lack proper lighting, straining their eyes thereby impacting the eye-sight of the children along with their productivity in school. Furthermore, many young kids feel disheartened when they’re not able to take up their hobbies and showcase their talent due to poor lighting. A sweet reminder that despite the hurdles, there is always light at the end of the tunnel and this campaign is all about lifting up the moods of these innocent and humble faces reaffirming the brand’s core message of Mood Jaisa, Lighting Vaisa.

Celebrating a renewed sense of hope, the heartwarming film conceptualized by Schbang strings together three storylines ranging from a school to an old aged home and an orphanage. This is based on the insight that all of us have unavoidable moments in our daily life which bring us down, and a little uplift in mood in such moments can make the simple tasks enjoyable. The film unfolds itself by showcasing high-sentimental and emotional setbacks experienced by an old man struggling to play the winning carrom shot due to bad light, a young boy trying hard to pursue his passion and create content on his smartphone in a bad light, and another girl who is straining her eyes, unable to see the blackboard thus suffering in her studies. The film then spins the narrative to showcase these instances in bright lighting and how Crompton took the initiative to identify and transform three such needy spaces by providing superior lighting with the promise of better days ahead / resulting in a change in mood which makes the routine situations enjoyable for all of them. It’s a feel-good video that gives us a glimpse into the simple lives of these people showing us how small gestures can create these moments of light. 

Built on the premise of mood upliftment, the film brings to light the little moments that mean the most to the three spaces that Crompton has supported through the initiative.

On the company’s latest initiative, Mathew Job, CEO – Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals Ltd. said, “Crompton consistently strives to make the lives of people comfortable and convenient through thought-provoking innovation that can create a better-quality living environment. We realised most of the times people can’t cope with their daily tasks and routine activities due to their moods. Our latest initiative captures the very essence of this thought and is a true reflection of what the brand stands for – a purpose-driven one that prioritizes the consumer at heart. Through this initiative, we aim to uplift their moods by brightening up their lives both literally and metaphorically.”

Speaking on the brand’s purpose-led film showcasing their recent initiative, Pragya Bijalwan, CMO – Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals Ltd. said, “At Crompton, we constantly innovate to meet evolving consumer needs while also supporting communities we live and operate in / our intent has always been to be at the forefront of purpose-led solutions bringing in innovations that cater to the different sections of the society. By extending our ceiling lights campaign narrative, we wanted to communicate in a more meaningful way how lighting can lift up anyone’s mood and especially do so for people who are unable to experience it. Just like it has been depicted in the film, life is full of trials and triumphs and we’re extremely happy to be able to contribute in our own way by lighting up places with Crompton Lights that in turn light up the many moods of individuals. We wanted to be able to capture the emotions of real people from different walks of lives and shine the spotlight on the little moments that they truly treasure.”

Speaking on the heartwarming film that beautifully captures the initiative, Akshay Gurnani, CEO – Schbang said,” “It’s always special partnering with clients with a big heart, who look to positively impact lives by doing good. Through this Diwali campaign, we did exactly that with Crompton and it’s always heartening to see how a simple idea can manifest into a social good campaign. From identifying the NGOs to producing and promoting the film, it’s been a fulfilling journey for the entire team involved at Schbang.”

Unlike every year where these neglected sections of society are often left alone in these festivities, a simple solution like this by Crompton will make sure they no longer miss out on a brighter future.

  • The Chandaramji High School was gifted new ceiling lights for their classrooms, drawing rooms, library and canteen area to help provide all students with a better learning environment as well as boost the overall wellbeing in the school. The new lights will help the students read and write better in bright lights, practice and perform for their cultural programs and also attend hobby classes in a perfectly lit environment
  • Crompton also revamped the Janiv Ashram Old Age Home by changing the lights and replacing them with their own innovations that will help the senior citizens live a healthier life both physically and mentally. With its energy-efficient features, the brand will help the facility overcome its light fluctuation issues in many rooms and light up the dark spaces that didn’t have any light at all
  • Additionally, in the Amcha Ghar School and Orphanage, this festive season will be all about happy times as they light up the space with Crompton lights and help children be a part of the festive cheer in sheer happiness and joy

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