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Ms. Bhavana Srivastava selected as Head of Client Servicing by Magenta

Shreoshree Chakrabarty October 28, 2020

One of the leading EV Charging company, Magenta appoints Ms. Bhavana Srivastava as the Head of Client Servicing. The company focuses on resolving the issues faced by clients in clean energy and EV Charging. With over 20 years of leadership experience in Customer Services, Sales and Operations, Ms. Bhavana Srivastava is expected to persist the aggressive growth targets aiming at retentions and acquisitions of the client.

The service teams of various corporates such as Reliance, Trans Arabia and INIFD (International Institute of Fashion Designing) has been led by this successful woman entrepreneur, prior joining Magenta. Despite her busy schedule, she supports various NGOs and volunteer organisations.

Ms. Bhavana Srivastava said, “I was part of Magenta since its inception working from the outside supporting the founders in its initial days. Since then, I have seen Magenta grow leaps and bounds and am excited to now, formally be a part of the budding Magenta Group.

I believe that Sales is an outcome of client services and not vice versa. Despite hailing from a family of scientists, I never took to technology as much as I could have. But according to me, the driving force for technology and business models is how close you are to the clients and how well you understand their pain points and solve their challenges. I am excited to drive this client centric agenda in this new space of clean energy based Electric mobility that Magenta is driving India towards.”

Mr. Maxson Lewis – Managing Director, Magenta Power & ChargeGrid briefed the media on the appointment, “Ms. Bhavana has a strong track record of leading client engagements in conventional setups. While Magenta is a technology driven company, the traditional values of client first, driven by Bhavana in her role at Magenta will help develop and deliver solutions ‘Made in India, Made for Indians’.”



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