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MTV gears up with new brand film with message ‘Continue Staying Safe!’

Shreoshree Chakrabarty December 29, 2020

This ‘new normal’ that arrived with the arrival of this year, the pandemic has gripped the world and a ‘masked’ reality took over. January, February, Lockdown, December –sums up 2020 for all of us! Though this overwhelming year is about to end in a few days, safety mustn’t be compromised in 2021! MTV comes with a message in its new brand film for the upcoming new year, “Saal Khatam Hua Hai, Khatra Nahi, Continue Staying Safe!”.

The brand film opens with a girl’s first day in 2021, where she is resolute to work out and keep up with her healthy lifestyle. She plans to get out for a brunch and gets ready but is unable to move outdoors as she keeps returning back to her living room. Much to her dismay, she finds herself stuck indoors, despite her repeated efforts to step. Using the same door, her house help goes out waving her goodbye but she can’t. After all her unsuccessful attempts to move out she tries to figure out what the house help did differently and then she realises that the difference was of wearing a mask. She eventually manages to step out successfully, on picking up and wearing her own mask.

A strong reminder is thus conveyed through the film, to keep safety a priority in the times to come. The message that is put out there is “Saal Khatam Hua Hai, Khatra Nahi, Continue Staying Safe”. Defining our way of lives the need to maintain social distancing and wear masks remain intact as the world is slowly rolling back to the usual. 2020 is almost over but the pandemic isn’t.

You can watch the brand film on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

MTV has been a dynamic and vibrant blend of music and pop culture. The millennial generation, music fans, and artists find a cultural home in MTV as it reaches more than half-billion households. Leading to combined retail sales of 100+ crores present across all key online and off-line channels of distribution, MTV consumer products are available across 35+ unique categories through strategic brand licensing tie-ups.


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