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Mukta Arts announces INDIA’s 1st Licensed Pop Style action figures at Comicon Mumbai 2018

MediaInfoline December 26, 2018

Passionate discussion led to a few of them creating a startup called Pocket Box Office (PBO).

PBO is an Avatar Company who brings iconic characters to life through AI driven storytelling in the form of AI Celebrity Avatars, Stylized Action Figures and smART Pop Toys. PBO’s first flagship character ijoo, is an adorable reflection of mankind, tells immersive stories dressed as movie characters, celebrities, deities, athletes, kings and queens, comic book and real heroes.

While reaching out to the entertainment industry found a lot of the studios willing to support. It was a pleasant surprise for the founders when Mukta Arts, known to have created some of the most iconic characters under the leadership of Mr Subhash Ghai, were the first Licensors who gave this effort a green signal almost immediately. They understood the value this could bring not just to the entertainment industry but create a robust ancillary revenue stream for Indian IPs in its entirety and help create a robust merchandising and licensing industry focused on nostalgic and forthcoming characters and came forward to support this young startup.

Mr Subhash Ghai, known to be the showman of Indian cinema from the 70s, said “I have always believed that character is the key and I am thankful that some of my characters are still talked about with such fondness. I am happy to support any kind of innovation that helps take our industry forward especially if it comes from fans of our cinema. This is good news for studios and filmmakers alike as it will push the next generation of storytellers to create strong characters which can lend itself to live a life of its own outside that one film.


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