Muscle & Strength India plans to expand its business with 100 new stores

Muscle & Strength India plans to expand its business with 100 new stores

Muscle and Strength India announced its expansion plan in the country with an aim to open 100 stores in the current year. Muscle and Strength India is India’s one of the leading fitness supplements & nutritional products retailer. To increase its presence in India, where there is an ever-increasing demand for nutritional supplement products, the company is strategizing its franchise structure with INR 20 crore as investment capital. The investments will be driven by internal accruals which include the franchise owners as well. The expansion plan is well-timed when the entire globe is battling with the pandemic and there is an increasing awareness about preventive healthcare.

Prince Narula, Youth icon, TV actor, model and winner of several reality shows in India has already invested in Muscle and Strength India. The stakeholder has taken up the responsibility of marketing and promotion. Apart from Prince, Dronacharya Award Recipient, Bhupender Dhawan and medal winner bodybuilder and powerlifter Mukesh Singh Gehlot are also part of the startup. All the personas are very active in the startup’s marketing activity.

Muscle and Strength India offers a comprehensive range of genuine high-quality fitness supplements and nutritional products across categories such as proteins, vitamins, minerals and herbal supplements, etc manufactured by international fitness brands under a single roof. These supplements are used for athletic performance, fitness, and overall wellness. Muscle and Strength India has also recently entered into manufacturing its private-label product Perfect Series in the sports nutrition category and will widen its portfolio in the near future. The company has already received USFDA registered® certification for its private-label product. These products are approx 50% cheaper than imported global brands which are subject to import duties.

“The fitness and wellness industry in India is growing at an unparalleled pace as more people embrace fitness and healthy lifestyle as a way of living and are much more inclined towards achieving their fitness goals. Supplements are a direct source of protein and it’s really beneficial if taken carefully and with proper knowledge. With so many supplements stacking up on the shelves, genuineness is a questionable factor for all as there are a lot of fake, counterfeit products in the market. However, authenticity is a guarantee when you shop at Muscle & Strength India. Our aim now is to grow and invest consistently in the health and fitness industry over the next couple of years,” said Prince Narula.

“Our supplement chain has become the gold standard in this sector to provide genuine supplements for people across age groups. We aim to expand this year and further launch products in various variants, focusing on different health and wellness categories and segments. Our growth has come because of the original and rightly priced products available in our stores and we believe that by end of this year, we will be one of the largest chains in India in our segment. Apart from metros, we believe the real demand is in tier 2-3 cities where availability of latest, genuine and economically priced supplements is still a challenge,” said Mr. Praveen Chirania, Founder, Muscle and Strength India.

Muscle and Strength India, which currently has 18 stores spread across multiple cities has the widest range with over 1000 fitness supplements and nutrition products from 42+ brands. The sole aim of the company is to make health and wellness a priority for all.  The brand assists an individual by providing products that are required at various stages in their journey towards a fit lifestyle. In a short span of time, Muscle and Strength India has become one of the fastest-growing retail chains in the health supplement market in India.

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