Myntra Launches ‘Rising STARS’ Program to Boost D2C Fashion Brands

Image showcasing Myntra's 'Rising STARS' program for D2C fashion brands in India.


Myntra has introduced the ‘Rising STARS’ program to support and scale 200 digital-first fashion and lifestyle brands in India, providing end-to-end support services and enhanced visibility.


Our Analysis and Commentary

Myntra Rising STARS Program: Empowering Indian D2C Brands to Scale

India’s renowned fashion, beauty, and lifestyle platform, Myntra, has taken a significant step towards strengthening the country’s digital-to-consumer (D2C) ecosystem with the launch of its comprehensive program, Myntra Rising STARS. This program aims to onboard 200 digital-first, made-in-India fashion, footwear, home, and accessories brands over the next four months, offering them end-to-end support services to accelerate growth.

As the D2C market continues to evolve and gain popularity, many brands face the challenge of expanding their customer base and achieving scale with limited resources. Myntra Rising STARS addresses this challenge by providing valuable support in brand-building, optimizing business costs, and customer acquisition. By leveraging Myntra’s expertise, these brands can unlock their growth potential and gain access to millions of customers from across the country.

Myntra’s strategic account management services will offer dedicated consultations, insights, and advisories to the onboarded brands, helping them make informed decisions and leverage Myntra’s brand-building expertise. Additionally, the program ensures ease of doing business by introducing segment-based incentives, working capital support, faster repayment cycles, and Myntra’s swift delivery service, M-Express, enhancing the overall customer experience.

One of the key highlights of the Rising STARS program is its focus on immersive brand-building. The brands will benefit from enhanced visibility through Myntra’s Rising STARS Store on the app, which amplifies their presence. By collaborating with Myntra in on and off-platform campaigns, brands can leverage their social, celebrity, and influencer assets to drive higher engagement. The introduction of video content through Myntra Minis and personalized content through Myntra Studio adds an extra layer of engagement and interaction with customers.

The timing of Myntra Rising STARS couldn’t be better, as India’s D2C market is projected to reach $43.2 billion by 2025. By extending support to both established and emerging brands, Myntra is playing a pivotal role in fueling the growth of the fashion industry in India. With the country set to have the world’s third-largest online shopper base, Myntra’s program will provide customers with access to a wide range of unique offerings, further enhancing their shopping experience.

In conclusion, Myntra Rising STARS is a game-changer for Indian D2C brands. By offering comprehensive support, leveraging brand-building expertise, and enhancing visibility, Myntra is empowering these brands to achieve unprecedented growth and success. This program has the potential to shape the future of the D2C ecosystem, contributing to the overall growth of the Indian fashion industry and solidifying Myntra’s position as a leader in the market.


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Myntra announces ‘Rising STARS’ program with an aim to boost 200 D2C fashion and lifestyle brands and help them scale

Myntra, one of India’s leading Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle platforms, has announced ‘Myntra Rising STARS’, a one-of-its-kind comprehensive program dedicated towards strengthening the D2C ecosystem in the country. This program is looking to onboard 200 digital-first made-in-India fashion, footwear, home and accessories brands in its debut edition in the next four months and will extend end-to-end support services to accelerate their growth.

Brands will be able to unlock their growth potential by leveraging Myntra’s proven expertise in brand-building which in turn will drive scale at an optimised cost for brands, propelled by significantly enhanced on and off-app visibility and strategic guidance. As an equal partner in this journey, Myntra will provide full funnel support focusing on building awareness, driving consideration and conversations. Brands keen on being onboarded to the program can Brands can apply by writing to the team at [email protected].

Who can be a part of the program: Myntra Rising STARS Program has been designed for both renowned and emerging D2C made-in-India brands with unique offerings for customers. Brands will be shortlisted based on pre-decided objective criteria, including but not limited to, the size of the brand, social media followership and uniqueness of the product proposition.

What’s in it for brands

The most significant challenge for D2C brands is to expand their customer base and attain scale, owing to constraints in resources. The program will help brands solve this by strengthening brand and intent building, optimising the cost of doing business and optimising customer acquisition cost. Brands will also have the opportunity to get deeper insights into evolving trends and preferences while getting access to millions of customers on Myntra from across the country.

● Strategic Account Management Services: The onboarded brands will be able to opt for service-fee based dedicated strategic account management consultation and get access to insights, advisories and the opportunity to leverage Myntra’s expertise in brand-building.

● Ease of doing business: Brands will have access to account management services to enable segment-based incentive structure, working capital support, faster repayment cycle and Myntra’s speed proposition, M-Express for enhancing overall customer experience.

● Brand-building: The Rising STARS program will provide immersive discovery experience through deterministic visibility to build awareness, drive maximum reach and acquire new customers while enabling higher engagement and improving consideration. Brands will be able to communicate their stories and persona in an engaging way, reinforcing their unique identity and bringing out the true essence of their individual brand stories. Myntra’s just-launched Rising STARS Store on its app with dedicated touch points across the homepage and category pages will amplify the visibility for the portfolio. The brands can leverage their social, celebrity and influencer assets better by collaborating with Myntra across on and off-platform campaigns. By tapping into the collective reach with Myntra, brands can look at driving higher engagement around new launches, collections and trends. There will be a focus on showcasing video content through Myntra Minis, Myntra’s revolutionary short-form video platform on its app to enable trends and launches, and Myntra Studio, a personalized content destination on the platform that provides users with access to shoppable content among other channels. Apart from focus on richer and immersive discovery and brand building, Myntra’s ability to bring forth pioneering speed and open ended exchange propositions will also build salience and enhance shopping experience.

Speaking on the introduction of the Myntra Rising STARS program, Sharon Pais, Chief Business Officer, Myntra, said, “With evolving fashion preferences, D2C brands are poised to play a key role in fueling the growth of fashion in the country. The launch of Myntra Rising STARS program will give a boost to 200 digital-first made-in-India brands and put them on an accelerated growth path. The program will enable millions of our customers to have access to their differentiated offerings while enjoying Myntra’s best-in-class experience across discovery, shopping and delivery.”

The Rising STARS store on Myntra: Over 3 lakh styles will be a part of the launch of the ‘Rising STARS’ store. Some of the brands being featured include Neemans, Suta, Rare Rabbit, BlissClub, Fablestreet, The Souled Store, Bewakoof. Brands will have the opportunity to build salience and engage with customers through storytelling while also showcasing their latest collections.

India has the world’s third-largest digital purchasing base, behind the United States and China, with the online shopper base expected to touch 400-450 million by 2027. D2C, or digital-first businesses, are growing in popularity with the rise in digital penetration. Within that, the fashion D2C market by itself is a huge chunk estimated to reach $43.2 billion in India by 2025. Myntra Rising STARS program aims to help accelerate the growth of such brands.

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