News18 Bangla brings Comprehensive Programming for West Bengal Assembly Elections


As the excitement builds up for the upcoming assembly elections in West Bengal and major political parties gear up for a fierce battle, News18 Bangla has lined-up extensive programming for its viewers in the state. The programming will aim to keep the viewers apprised about every single political development in the state leading up to the counting day. The channel has launched ‘Banglar Kurukshetra 2021’ drawing reference to the epic battle fought in the Mahabharata. A comprehensive programming line-up of West Bengal Assembly election comprises of all new shows.

New shows include Janatar Darbare (Peoples Court) at 08:00 pm, a show with prominent politicians from all political parties answering the queries of audience. HOTSPOT at 09:30pm, a travel based outdoor caravan episodic reportage show. News18 Bangla caravan travels through prominent districts in West Bengal. A travelogue format, with cinematic visuals highlighting the local issues, voices of the people, pre vote conversations, explosive remarks of candidates and heavy weight leaders. Programming will also include comedy and political satire with shows such as DOLBOL where two prominent standup comedians Dol Das & Bol Dey will draw funny footnotes and jibes on recent political events from a common Bengali man’s point of view; and Sob Dekhchi Kintu (I see everything) where Mahatma Gandhi’s three monkeys will watch & hear everything related to politics and will speak on the political showdown. There will also be Narod Narod (This & That), two accusation sound bites of the day by opposing political parties/candidates/ leaders in one frame, using the mythical character Narod. Bibek Mukho Mukhi – a new format show, will feature a customized puppet that will play the part of the conscience keeper of Bengal. The puppet will field questions to the political leaders and they will have to face their conscience and provide answers.

Bringing top newsmakers from across the leading political parties on a single platform, the channel will present the most impactful debates, discussions and innovative programming on West Bengal elections. Supported by a team of experienced anchors, on-ground reporters and eminent experts, News18 Network will offer viewers unmatched coverage of this crucial state election.

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