News18 India ahead of Aaj Tak and India TV even during Primetime


News18 India, the country’s leading Hindi news channel, is also constantly dominating during primetime hours. The channel is way ahead of Aaj Tak and India TV. As per BARC data (BARC, Market Share%, TG: 15+, 4 week rolling average, 1800-2400 hrs, Weekdays, HSM), News18 India has been ahead of Aaj Tak for the past six weeks, garnering over 12.49% market share in week 24-27’22, 13.2% in week 25-28’22 and 13.5% in the latest ratings (week 26-29’22), in the primetime segment.

The Country’s number 1 Hindi news channel, News18 India, has constantly beaten India TV’s Rajat Sharma and Aaj Tak’s new recruit Sudhir Chaudhary during primetime hours. News18 India has outdone competition during primetime by registering an impressive share of 13.5% in the current week data in the Hindi Speaking Market Share BARC data leaving behind India TV and Aaj Tak with 13.1% and 12.6% respectively.

News18 India’s performance in the BARC rating showcases the audience’s faith in the channel and speaks volumes of the channel’s strong presence in various regions. The data also highlights how News18 India’s primetime shows; Bhaiyaji Kahin, Aar Par, Desh Nahi Jhukne Denege, Sau Baat Ki Ek Baat, and Kacha Chitha have become the first choice for the viewers.

News18 India through its innovative programming has catered to its audiences with insightful debates and news presentation during primetime, which has helped the channel set new benchmarks in the news broadcasting sector. The channel’s viewership has gained momentum steadily because of the added focus on programming, along with broad-basing content to all geographies across the country, diversity of content and line up of anchors.


Channel Wk 24-27’22 Wk 25-28’22 Wk 24-29’22
News18 India 12.49% 13.2% 13.5%
India TV 13.6% 13.3% 13.1%
Aaj Tak 12.47% 12.4% 12.6%


Source: BARC, Market Share%, TG: 15+, 4 week rolling average, 1800-2400 hrs, Weekdays, HSM

Commenting on the success of the channel, Kishore Ajwani, Managing Editor, News18 India, said, “We are thankful to the viewers for constantly choosing News18 India over others. There are a multitude of reasons which have helped us become a daily household name across India. The strong line up of story-driven shows, the diversity of content, debates which offer perspective and our fast paced information delivery, all of these offerings have contributed to the increase in engagement with the audience and in resonance of the channel.”

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