News18 Kannada introduces Aptharakshaka 2

News18 Kannada introduces Aptharakshaka 2

Karnataka’s contribution to India’s 100 crore Covid-19 vaccination achievement has been a herculean effort with data showing that it is among the top five states in the country to vaccinate more of its people per million. The successful execution of random testing, vaccination drives have seen the state administer 8.73 lakh people per million with a first dose and 4.34 lakh people per million with a second dose. With the media playing an equally important role as the government, Network 18, India’s largest news network, is committed to accelerating the pace and expanding the scope of vaccination throughout the country. Taking the same thought forward, News18 Kannada introduces its covid awareness program ‘Aptharakshaka 2’. Leveraging their extensive presence across the state, the vaccination drive, in association with Sathpushti Bio-Active and Levista Instant Coffee as its special partners, will motivate those from the state to take the second dose of the covid vaccine.

The special program by the network will leave no stone unturned towards advocating the advantages and benefits of getting vaccinated to the masses. Making its presence felt at the ground level along with making people realize how safe it is to get a shot, the coverage will include bytes from those who’ve just got their second dose. Additionally, with all eyes on the state’s vaccination drive, the campaign will shed the spotlight on the region with a district-wise performance letting people know which are the areas that are making a difference. This will also include a host of stories revolving around towns and villages that have gone the extra mile towards ensuring that their entire population is vaccinated. As a leading name in the industry, one known to exude authenticity, the programming will also have the most reputed doctors, leaders and administrators in a host of panel discussions and interviews offer their expert opinion.

By eliminating vaccine hesitancy, creating awareness and ensuring that people get immunized, News18 Kannada, through Aptharakshaka 2, aims to help the state set many more milestones in its vaccination journey.

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