News18 Odia launches Amo Belabhumi Swachha Sundara – Clean the Beaches of Odisha

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Along with being a state known for its cultural and tourist attractions, the state of Odisha prides itself with a striking coastline that spans 480 km. Home to some of the best beaches on the east coast, there are a host of picturesque spots where one can watch a sunrise or the setting sun by the beach. That said, beaches are only clean as their people maintain them. Though some organizations and individuals are working tirelessly in this field, mass awareness among people of coastal areas is the need of the hour. Taking this very thought forward, News18 Odia introduces a month-long campaign ‘Amo Belabhumi Swachha Sundara – Clean the Beaches of Odisha’ in their bid to create awareness for the cleanliness and development of its beaches.

The month-long campaign, started December 11 onwards, will not only showcase various stories and facts about how the clean & beautiful beaches of Odisha will play an important role in the socio-economic development of Odisha, but it will also involve all necessary stakeholders, experts in the discussion. The ‘Amo Belabhumi Swachha Sundara – Clean the Beaches of Odisha’ campaign will also highlight the stories of ordinary people and organizations who are working for this cause.

Additionally, it will also sensitize people about the necessary steps that need to be taken to attract more tourists to the beautiful beaches of Odisha. ‘Amo Belabhumi Swachha Sundara – Clean the Beaches of Odisha’ will also lead to employment opportunities being created for locals thereby helping the state garner revenue from beach tourism as tourists are left spellbound by the scenic beauty of Odisha’s beaches.

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News18 Odia is an Odia news channel. It is owned by Network 18, which launched on May 4, 2015. Its tagline is `News is Life’. ETV News Odia is a part of the ETV News Network, one of the largest satellite television channels in India. ETV News Odia is the 10th regional news channel of the ETV News Network in India.

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