News18 regional channels lead YouTube viewership on Counting Day of Lok Sabha Election 2024


News18 Odia, News18 Assam Northeast, and News18 Gujarati YouTube channels achieved exceptional success on the Lok Sabha Election 2024 counting day on 4th June, securing the no.1 position. The four channels displayed brilliant coverage, showcasing the channel’s growing influence and remarkable views.

News18 Gujarati achieved the top position with 3.72 million YouTube views. This milestone outshined competitors ABP Asmita with 2.10 million views and Zee 24 Kalak with 1.37 million views on YouTube.

News18 Odia took the lead with 7.98 million views on YouTube, establishing itself as the top performer. The numbers place News18 Odia ahead of its competitors with OTV 6.92 million and Kanak News with 3.58 million views on YouTube.

News18 Assam Northeast delivered an outstanding performance garnering 2.37 million YouTube views. The channel outperformed both Newslive with 0.61 million views and DY365 with 0.40 million views.

The impressive performance of News18 language cluster channels credits this success to its precise reporting and real-time updates from all counting centers, and insightful analysis throughout the day.

The source for the above views is:  Playboard, 4th April, 2024.

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