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Brand to increase focus on content recommendation services

MediaInfoline October 27, 2016

Post its first round of funding worth USD 25,000, Newspatrolling has announced its intention to rev up its revenues. The leading online news and blogging portal has identified a multipronged strategy that would contribute towards business expansion and increased revenues.

On the business side, plans to step up focus on information leading and content recommendation services. For this, the portal is currently in the final stages of launching a massive information campaign that would be visible on the web, online partner websites and social media channels.

Earlier, had launched a unique 70:30 business development and revenue sharing model that has received a huge response from users. In this partnership model, users generate opportunities for information leading and content recommendation services, relevant to Newspatrolling. If the deal is successful, users take home 70% of the proceeds of the deal. This is the first time that such a profitable ratio is being offered to users on the web.

Another route that Newspatrolling is exploring involves acquisitions. Recently, acquired and is looking for more such options to augment its information leading and content recommendation services.

Improving content services is also on the agenda, which would involve utilization of funds to enhance the portal’s news network and strengthen media partnerships. The coming months would also see leading writers posting their blogs on Newspatrolling, covering a wide variety of topics. Such initiatives would provide more value to existing users and help attract new ones. On the technology side, a part of the funds will be used to revamp the website and mobile app by enhancing the design and theme and adding more features and functionalities.

Speaking on the first round of funding and growth plans, leading blogger and Co-Founder of Newspatrolling, Ayushi Bansal said, “We always had the right idea, but lack of adequate funds was a constant challenge. Now, that the funds are in place, we can focus exclusively on increasing revenues. One of our primary focus areas would be enhancing our information leading and content recommendation services. We can now invest in the right people and resources, which would help us to achieve those goals in the next 12 – 18 months.”


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