nexGTv revolutionises news content consumption


If you like staying up-to-date with the latest news and developments from the national and global arena, you’re in for a treat! nexGTv, India’s largest subscription-led video entertainment app, has announced the launch of its exclusive News app. Launched as the go-to destination for mobile-based video news content, the app will aggregate and deliver video news content from leading TV news channels, revolutionizing through enhanced accessibility, the way news is currently consumed in the country. So be it the latest gossip on the entertainment grapevine or an on-ground report of burning social and political issues, nexGTv users around the world can now stay abreast with the news of their choice at the touch of a button!

But what makes the latest nexGTv launch such a game changer when it comes to digital news content consumption? The answer lies in its complete, 360-degree coverage of the latest reports and happenings from across genres like politics, sports, movies, business, lifestyle etc. By curating and enabling news content from more than 40 top regional, national and international channels, nexGTv News serves as a one-stop destination for round-the-clock news-related requirements including multiple perspective on every issue and deeper understanding. Popular shows such as ‘Nation At 10’, ‘Aaj Tak Live News’, ‘India Reports at 10’ and ‘News Now at 11’ can be watched in real-time as a part of its Live TV bouquet, while other news offerings such as interviews, ‘Mann Ki Baat’ and the topical political cartoon humour ‘So Sorry’ can also be viewed through VoD.

Speaking on the announcement, Abhesh Verma, COO, nexGTv, said, “With timeline crunches and always mobile lifestyles increasingly becoming a part and parcel of today’s world, users are often unable to stay updated with the latest information about their areas of interest due to the largely appointment-based nature of news broadcast. Moreover, the end-user viewing experience is also extremely fragmented, as viewers have to sit through advertisements, weather reports and repetitive news programmes in order to watch their preferred news options. This gap in news content delivery and consumption is what we are trying to address with the nexGTv News app. Having been amongst the leading platforms for content aggregation in India, we are now looking to add greater diversity to our news content offerings by partnering with channels that help us cater to our viewers’ specific needs. This will not only boost the quality of our end-user offerings, but will also allow news channels to maximise their consumer outreach through our platform.”

However, the diversity of its offerings is not the only thing that will make the nexGTv News app such a revolutionary development in the Indian OTT/Mobile TV industry. The focus is also on enabling a holistic and relevant digital news-viewing experience for the end-consumer and adding value through technology. This has led to the integration of several innovative features that augment and enhance the viewer’s browsing experience; while Non Stop News showcases news bulletins from leading TV news channels under a single tab, VoD news capsules give users a brief rundown of the top news highlights of the day in just a few minutes. The Resume feature allows viewers to pause live streaming and pick up where they left off, while nexGTv’s Advanced Search with Integrated Electronic Program Guide (EPG) helps browse through genre and language-specific news. Other features, such as Quicky, can find the best news content that fits the time available to users, while the Data Saving Mode assists them in managing their data consumption while streaming videos. This integration of technology results in great value addition for users and allows them to watch news content that suits their viewing preference in a convenient and hassle-free manner.

“The nexGTv News app leverages state-of-the-art technology to enable features such as VoD news capsules and on-the-go news content. This allows for the delivery of a seamless, on-the-go, and highly relevant 360-degree digital news-viewing experience to our users. With digital video consumption in the country growing in demand, we are confident that the launch of our News app can potentially disrupt the way video news content is viewed in the country,” adds Abhesh.

With more features such as interactive UI, minimised player window, reminders, TV guides and Social Connect on offer, the nexGTv News app is the unmistakable button for news-related content on your mobile. So what are you waiting for? Download the app from or respective app stores, today!


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