Nikon creates personalized #NikonInstaBadge for its user community

Nikon created a first-of-its-kind engagement campaign the platform feature on Instagram. The activity named #NikonInstaBadge urged regular and passionate users to avail their personalized stickers by simply sharing a picture of their Nikon gear using the exclusive hashtag.

The brand understood the importance of cameras in people’s day-to-day lives, helping capture moments both big and small.

This innovative campaign stemmed from a simple insight of photographers seeking validation from the brand by employing various hashtags while showcasing their work and additionally use watermarks to create identity of their work. Hence, Nikon decided to give the users a new experience of validation to enable continued sharing of inspiring work. Personalized badges were awarded to the users within 24-48 hours after they shared a picture of their gear with the brand.

The brand also created generic badges of all their D-SLRs for the brand loyalists to use while uploading their stories. Within a few hours of the launch, Nikon saw an influx of 800+ images. The Instagram-specific campaign also successfully brought on board the impaneled influencers, commonly referred to as the #NikonExpertive by the brand.

On the occasion of World Photography Day, Mr. Sajjan Kumar, Managing Director, Nikon India said, “World Photography Day is a reminder for us to reflect on how essential photographs and videos have become in our lives. Today I would like to take this opportunity to appreciate and encourage the photographer and videographer community for creating bespoke work and inspiring us and the coming generation to be passionate towards creating such master pieces.

He added, “On World Photography Day, as a token of appreciation from our end, we have launched an initiative #NikonInstaBadge for the community, with this we aim at providing personalized product badge to users to be used as stickers on the content. We have several members of the community, interacting with us daily. Their love for Nikon is undying and their photography & videography skills are remarkable. Hence, this World Photography Day, we wanted to display our love to our special audience by introducing the #NikonInstaBadge – an identity they can use as a watermark on their stories.”

Link is: here

Be it amateurs or professionals, Nikon has always wished to inspire the users in their quest to capture raw, beautiful moments and memories. #NikonInstaBadge is yet another step taken by the brand to boost pure enthusiasm for photography among one and all.

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