Not So Pink Launches #NotSoTypical Campaign Feat Sakshi Sindwani

#NotSoTypical will bring about the vibrant change required

Not So Pink wants to break the preconceived norms of work attires, with their campaign #NotSoTypical. There have been fashion norms that are only based on a few selected body types. For this, the workwear brand has recently been associated with body-positive influencer Sakshi Sindwani.

The campaign by Not So Pink will bring about the vibrant change required in the Indian corporate environment and speak the language of women at the workplace with its range of fashionable western workwear in trendy styles to fit a range of sizes. #NotSoTypical will introduce a conversation about enabling fashion for the body and not an ideal body for fashion, especially for the naturally curvaceous Indian body type. The campaign will showcase Not So Pink’s figure-friendly bright dresses that redefine office attire for most Indian women.

Mrs Purvi Rohit Pugalia, Co-Founder, Not So Pink, states, “Our ATYPICAL approach to workwear fashion is our brand’s way of stating that fashion is not reserved for a certain section of the community. It is a beautiful concept meant for all and size discrimination should not hold anyone back. Our #NotSoTypical campaign is the mouthpiece to this cause and brings in more women across the size spectrum to embrace their natural selves”.

There are 3 stupendous collections cue the launch namely, Fly High, Celestial Wood & Simplicity, with an extensive range of size-friendly tops, dresses, shirts, skirts, trousers & formal accessories doubling as everyday essentials & ‘boardroom to bar’ apparel for after-work celebrations.

The campaign will carry Sakshi Sindwani’s advocacy for size diversity and her popularity in the fashion circuit. It will also carry the agenda of size diversity among the masses and be the voice to deliver a more body inclusive message. #NotSoTypical will also take on stereotypes through its bold posts that will pose questions to the existing fashion narratives and put a spin of power on women’s workwear.

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