Now you don’t need to pay to play Fantasy Sports-Fandromeda introduces Coins

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Fantasy Sports are becoming increasingly popular among young sports lovers. Owning a fantasy squad allows fans to not just enjoy the game more, but also to display their knowledge & skill to their friends. But most fantasy sites in India focus on paid games where users have to pay money to create squads. Not any more…

Fandromeda, one of India’s top fantasy sports sites, announced the launch of Fandromeda Coins. Users can now play Fantasy Cricket & Football through the year and accumulate coins. The games are all free, and coins are won for creating squads, for finishing in the top 50%, as well as completing various missions & quests.

These coins can be redeemed for vouchers from leading brands and eCommerce portals. Fandromeda has tied up with Qwikcilver for the delivery and fulfillment of the brand gift vouchers.

This is a significant shift in an industry which has so far been dominated by games which require a user to pay entry fees. Explaining the reason for this shift, Fandromeda’s CEO, Ramesh Srivats said, “I think the need of the hour is to get more people to enjoy the excitement of owning a fantasy squad for every sporting event. If people start enjoying the game, and getting better at it, they will automatically try out our paid games some time or the other. Meanwhile, we wanted to make our free games more rewarding, and make fantasy games part of our sporting culture. Fandromeda Coins does just that.”

Fantasy Sports are online games in which users create a virtual “Fantasy squad” for sporting events, and earn points based on how their squad performs in the real matches. Fandromeda is run by TenTenTen Digital Products, the company that created the Official IPL Fantasy League. Since its launch 18 months back, Fandromeda has racked up nearly 250,000 users.

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