Orient Electric launches India’s first 5-blade portable fans with CTX technology

Orient Electric WindPro

Orient Electric Limited has rolled out its 5-blade Wind-Pro series of portable fans featuring the revolutionary CTX (concentric winding) technology which ensures silent operation, high air thrust and low power consumption along with higher reliability.

Most of the south India experiences a hot and humid climate, therefore there is a huge demand for portable fans with high-thrust air flow. The typical breed of portable 3-blade high speed fans available in the market may have higher RPM but give out lesser CMM of air with lesser thrust and come with lots of noise. This problem has been well addressed by the new 5 blade Wind Pro range of portable fans which give out 95 CMM of air delivery with high thrust and far lesser sound levels while consuming less power.

Mr. Atul Jain, Sr. VP & Business Head, Fans at Orient Electric said, “South India is a key focus market for Orient Electric, and we have been continuously looking at the latent needs of the customers in the region. While energy efficient technologies were introduced in ceiling fans, there was immediate need to also bring innovation, efficiency and silent operation in TPW fans. To address the same, our R&D team has developed the Wind Pro range of table, wall and stand fans with the world-class CTX technology. We have reinstated our thought and brand leadership in the segment by being first in India to use concentric winding technology in portable fans.”

The use of concentric winding eliminates electrical imbalance, thus reducing the motor noise. In addition, the dual coated wire improves insulation and eliminates motor/stator failures. Orient Wind Pro fans have a sweep of 400 mm and give an impressive air delivery of 95 CMM/ 5700 CMH. Available in table, stand and wall mounted variants, these fans come with an appealing snow-white body to complement all kind of settings.

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