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Peps Industries introduces BEDTalks–The most boring ad campaign ever

MediaInfoline May 21, 2020

Peps Industries Pvt. Ltd. launched its latest digital campaign BEDTalks. Inspired by TED Talks, but infinitely more boring, Peps BEDTalks is a curated series of incredibly boring topics aimed at putting people to sleep.

With incredibly boring topics ranging from “The accounting history of debt contracting” to “Biodiversity of snails in forest ecosystems in Brazil”. Peps BEDTalks is designed to be the most boring ad campaign ever, on purpose!

Conceptualized with Phantom ideas Pvt. Ltd, the campaign is Peps’ unique take on engaging with its audience. Most brands try to entertain audiences. Peps Industries, which has always disrupted norms in the mattress business, takes the opposite path by creating some of the most boring communication pieces ever published.

K Madhavan, Managing Director, Peps Industries says, “The lockdown has been quite stressful for people because anxiety is the enemy of sleep. So, as the leaders of the Spring mattress category, we at Peps wanted to do something to alleviate the stress. BedTalks seemed like a very disruptive way of bringing that goal to life.”

According to Robbie Anthoney, Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Phantom, “The idea was to do something a little different from the usual barrage of ‘stay home, stay safe’ campaigns from brands during this period.  That’s when we stumbled upon the idea of the BedTalks, as a devious little spin on that famous speaking platform. It is a hugely extendable idea, and we had quite a challenge to execute it, given that the voiceover delivery had to be supervised over video-conferencing, and the whole spot produced despite all the hurdles of the lockdown.”


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