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Pepsi® Salutes The Indomitable Swag Of Young India

MediaInfoline May 11, 2021

Beverage brand Pepsi® recently saluted the indomitable Swag of Young India through a powerful tribute on social media. The brand released a video which highlighted how India’s youth came forward to help complete strangers during these unprecedented times.

This powerfully narrated post brought to life various instances of how today’s generation is #GivingToughTimeAToughTime, whether it was by sharing leads on social media or by amplifying requirements via messaging groups, not just for friends or family but for complete strangers for days at end.

The post has received tremendous love on social media, with over 465K views so far, and comments from users echoing Pepsi’s sentiment of #GivingToughTimeAToughTime. The frontline heroes now have an entire army of online warriors, all coming together to help during such unprecedented times.

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