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Performance Marketing Solutions Provider Trackier expands its Product Portfolio

MediaInfoline June 8, 2021

With an intent to meet the rapidly evolving needs of digital marketers, leadingPerformance Marketing Solutions provider Trackier has widened its product portfolio to add new mobile marketing and partner marketing tools to its Saas based platform.

The new offerings have been added at a time when marketers across industries are driving a surging demand for effective and trackable multi-channel digital marketing tools.Multi-channel digital approach has become increasingly crucial for brands to improve customer outreach in an age when consumers are spending an increasing amount of time online.

Trackier’s new mobile marketing and partner marketing platforms help businesses in laying out a measurable and trackable advertising strategy for smartphones and through third party collaborations respectively. With Trackier’s automated performance analysis platform, brands can track and monitor their customer attribution for easy and effective conversions, optimise their campaigns with real time cross-platform analytics and get accurate analysis of their ad spend data and its ROI.

Being a highly customer-friendly platform that offers a super easy integration process and better scalability as compared to other solutions, Trackier’s product has gained widespread popularity in the AdTech industry. Notably, Trackier’s platform can be integrated by brands in a matter of just 10-15 minutes wherein the process may take up to a week for other products. This has further helped boost the demand for Trackier’s product including its latest offerings on mobile marketing and partner marketing.

“The world of digital marketing has witnessed tectonic shifts in a quick span of time. For brands today, having a digital advertising strategy for websites and social media is not enough. With consumers spending an increasing amount of time on multiple online channels, particularly smartphones, brands are aggressively adopting multi-channel digital strategies. Mobile marketing and partner marketing are key elements of a multi-pronged integrated digital approach. Trackier is therefore bolstering its performance marketing platform by including critical new tools to help brands improve outcomes from their mobile marketing and partner marketing strategies. The scalability and easy integration process of our platform has resulted in increasing demand from our customers for a wider array of AdTech solutions. The addition of new tools to our platform makes Trackier a truly comprehensive multi-channel marketing management platform,” said Udit Verma, CMO, Co-founder of Trackier.

The Mobile Broadband India Traffic Index (Mbit) 2021 report found that the average user consumption on smartphones increased by a whopping 4 times over last year, with an average person spending about 5 hours a day on mobile device. Evidently, brands are feeling a pressing need for investing in effective dedicated mobile marketing strategies.At the same time, brands are also experiencing an increasing need for multi-faceted softwares that offer a wide array of comprehensive solutions in a single programme. Trackier’s platform fits the bill by catering to offering solutions to multiple problems through a single software while providing best in class customer support to clients.

“Not only is an average user spending more time on mobile devices, he/she is also consuming an increasing amount of content from multiple channels – be it apps, social media, youtube or websites. A multi-channel approach therefore results in better conversion. When integrated with our performance marketing platform, our new mobile marketing and partner marketing tools enable businesses to build a truly comprehensive marketing strategy to communicate with their target audiences. Our platform provides real time marketing data and actionable information to optimise marketing performance across different platforms,” said Faizan Ayubi, CEO, Co-founder of Trackier.

An important element of Trackier’s comprehensive solutions is its fraud detection mechanisms that protects customers from affiliate fraud. At the same time, its conversion-based pricing model rather than a click-based one providers customers better ROI and value for money. It also allows marketers to segment and manage their audience via a centralised dashboard for effective retargeting.

The Ad Tech Industry and Ad Networks have particularly shown an increasing penchant towards adopting more advanced features in performance marketing as the industry calls for solutions curated for the evolving needs of the time. With its smart and advanced solutions, Trackieris leveraging the benefits of this demand surge to the fullest. Notably, Trackier boosted its client list significantly by onboarding 150 new clients, giving the startup a 70% yoy customer growth. The addition of new performance tracking tools is expected to further bolster Trackier’s customer engagement.

“The new additions to our product portfolio make our platform truly comprehensive in terms of offering performance marketing analysis to businesses. What makes our platform highly attractive to businesses is the fact that we provide multiple solutions on a single platform, eliminating the need for brands to buy multiple products from different sources,” said Hemant Mann, Co-Founder and CTO Trackier


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