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“Pet ki thandak” and “Pet ki Badhajmi” were buzzwords during Pudin Hara campaign at ISBT

MediaInfoline July 18, 2017

Dabur is amongst the most trusted names in India for products that are unique, outstanding and natural. It has a wide variety of brands that outshine in the competitive scenario.  In the unbearable heat wave recently, Dabur India and Vritti Imedia used their famous AudioWala Bus Stand for reinforcing the effectiveness of  “Pudin Hara” to provide immediate relief from stomach disorders and indigestion.”

Mr. Sunil Mishra – the Head of Activation stated that, “The idea of choosing bus stand was to do something unique and we had envisioned that it is a place where large footfall happens throughout the year and because of that, providing safe and clean drinking water is a challenge. “Jhakarkati Bus Stand” (Inter State Bus Stand Kanpur) was chosen due to the high number of registered buses (up to 1000 daily) and the average footfall of 45000 people approx. These statistics make it ideal for contextual communication.”

A campaign that touched thousands of hearts

Mr. Rajesh Radhakrishnan, Directory – Vritti iMedia stated that, “Dabur India and Vritti Imedia worked relentlessly to make this brand activation campaign a grand success. Right from arranging permissions from relevant authorities to ensuring the effectiveness of the audio system and conceptualizing appropriate jingles to live wet sampling; each activity required meticulous planning and flawless execution.”

Rigorous efforts of two months proved fruitful when the campaign could reach out to thousands of people and offered ‘pet ki thandak’ (cool sensation in the stomach) and relief from “Pet ki Badhajmi” (indigestion) by Pudin Hara, the ‘tested and trusted brand’.

While Pudin Hara jingle stated its benefits, people got a chance to experience its effectiveness in the form of live wet sampling of Pudin Hara liquid and fizz in filtered chilled water. Obviously, the impulse was explicit and impressive.

People found it immensely effective in the hot summers of 44 degrees. It was a refreshing experience indeed.

The immediate benefit was to successfully capture attention of a large captive audience base. It was a unique and first time in the history in the niche.

The success story in hard figures

At the end of the day, the effectiveness of any campaign should be reflected in hard data points. As far as the success of this campaign, it was indeed a greatly successful campaign.

Mr. Sunil Sharma further appreciated the activation saying ,“it fulfilled our branding objective to the core. The fundamental idea behind this campaign was not only to create brand awareness but to establish a direct association between the “cool relief” by consuming Pudin Hara in the scorching summers. In only 7 days more than 8055 people used the samples at ISBT Kanpur and a total 46667 samples used in 9 different locations, and over 260 Thousand people estimated heard the jingle. Remembering the fact that the campaign was on for one week only, it was a grand success by all means.”

Around 45 percent people inquired about the product and its availability. The wet sampling was done in the wholesale markets of Uttar Pradesh, Delhi and NCR which also got an overwhelming response. As per figures, more than 46667 people got relief from the stomach ailments in the duration of one week while the campaign was on.

As far as direct sales impact in concern, a surge of sale was visible in the surrounding markets post this activity. It indicates the success of the activity.


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