Priyanka Chopra’s brand value is the maximum- Checkbrand Report


Checkbrand, an online sentiment analysis company today announced the data about online sentiments of top movie stars in the country. This is the first quarterly analysis report on the latest trending Indian film stars by any agency in the country. Checkbrand analyzed data for 26 top movie actors on social media for the period of August – October 2020.

Checkbrand analyzed more than 100 million online impressions for the report.  The most trending (Twitter, Google Search, Wiki, YouTube etc) actress in the last quarter was Kirti Sanon (2334) followed by Priyanka Chopra (2331) and Alia Bhatt (2277). All the top three places were occupied by Indian actresses. Akshay Kumar (1792), Salman Khan (1421), Aamir Khan (1145), Shahrukh Khan (1133)m followed the chart.

In terms of engagement, the top three positions have been occupied by male actors. Salman Khan had an engagement of 2.25 lakhs, followed by Sharukh Khan at 2.16 lakhs, Akshay Kumar at 1.7 lakhs, Ajay Devgan at 0.64 lakhs and Amitabh Bachchan at 0.62 lakhs. The five actors have a collective engagement of 7.3 lakhs, which was more than rest of the collective engagement of 21 film stars which is meager 3.64 lakhs. The 21 stars included both males and females.

Only seven movie stars could cross more than one lakh in terms of social media mentions. The names included with mentions are Salman Khan (4.97 lakh), Shahrukh Khan (4.52 lakh), KanganaRanaut (3.70 lakh), Akshay Kumar (3.54 lakh), Ajay Devgn (1.95 lakh), Aamir Khan (1.88 lakh),  Alia Bhatt (1.80 lakh). Despite the increasing popularity of Ananya Pandey and Bhumi Pendkar, their mentions were less than 500 in the last quarter.

King Khan still rule the overall brand score with 41.76, followed by Priyanka Chopra 41.26, Deepika Padukone  36.54, Shraddha Kapoor 34.48. The lowest score was for Kangana Ranaut 9.87. Even Aamir Khan was the third last at 11.69. The overall score is measured out of 100. Five parameters have been considered for devising this score which are followers (20), trends (10), sentiment (30), engagement (20) and mentions (20).

The brand value in monetary terms, basis the engagement and followers for Priyanka Chopra stood at INR 2.65 billion, for Akshay Kumar at INR 2.60 billion, followed by Salman Khan at INR 2.52 billion, Deepika Padukone at INR 2.11 billion and Shahrukh Khan at INR 2.09.

Speaking on the sentiment analysis, Mr. Anuj Sayal, MD, ADG Online and said, “Some interesting facts have come out in the last few weeks. The overall sentiment for KanganaRanuat has gone down.  She slipped to almost last position. It is interesting to note that 71% sentiment for Abhishek Bachchan is positive and Aamir Khan’s sentiment is negative at 28.1%. Anushka Sharma’s overall sentiment is negative at 4.6%”

“This is our first report and we plan to add more interesting anecdotes in our next quarterly report. We wanted to create a platform which could help brands understand their real value in terms of presence on Digital media on real time basis.  We are eager to work and help them improve their overall digital presence,” he further added.

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