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Profit from our opinions: BTVI unveils new campaign

MediaInfoline August 29, 2017

Creating the mark in the business news genre from last one year, Business Television India (BTVI) India’s Premier English Business News Channel refreshed the brand look after a year of the launch. Along with a dynamic logo, BTVI has unveiled a refreshed brand campaign focused on the benefit that the channel brings to the viewers through anchor expertise. This campaign focuses on the editorial assets of the channel.

As a part of a large scale strategy of the channel, BTVI continues to cater to key influencers and opinion makers in India with credible news, analysis and opinions. With a constant innovation in the content, BTVI strives to make a difference in the industry by leveraging on editorial strengths to showcase opinion focused programming.

On refreshing the brand after a successful year, Ms. Megha Tata, COO, BTVI, said, “We continue to focus on our differentiated content and we are increasing our market share substantially. Through this logo refresh and brand campaign, BTVI aims to provide most credible information to our viewers. We will continue to reach out to recognized authorities of their field, whose thoughts and opinions matter to millions who follow them.”

As over the years, the Indian news ecosystem has evolved significantly, BTVI strives to achieve #OpinionsThatCounts through each and every endeavour. The brand campaign will focus on channel’s editorial expertise by introducing every anchor in their respective proficiency. As BTVI continues to benefit viewers and key opinions leader through its distinguished content, Profits From Our Opinions campaign shifts the radar on each anchor and their expertise. The integrated campaign reaches out to its target audience through a 360 degree approach.

Mr. Siddharth Zarabi, Executive Editor, BTVI, said, “At a time when the viewer is being overwhelmed with a deluge of information – much of which is not relevant, complex and consumes too much time of the viewer, BTVI has a simple proposition that aims to inform and empower viewers. ‘Keep it simple’ is our theme and over the past year our programming goes to the heart of every story, declutters it and magnifies what is relevant and valuable. Our senior editorial team is delivering consistent programming that spans the entire gamut from wealth creation through shows like Call BTVI, Financial Planner among others to shows that address larger themes like ‘mission-no-emission’. As we move forward to inform and empower the Indian business TV viewer, we will unveil more programming that is relevant and timely”.   


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