Red Bull Introduces A Completely New Experience Of Celebration In A Box

Red Bull Virtual Reality Celebration Can

Festivals in India are synonymous with celebrating life in the most exuberant manner. The collective euphoria brings about a feeling of being part of something special. With the sole aim of capturing the jubilant festive spirit that plays out on the streets on India where the energy and dynamism is palpable, Red Bull India is gearing up to launch a Limited Edition Concept Can along with a Virtual Reality pack to elevate the whole experience.

In an attempt to creatively bring to life festive sights and experiences that one relates to, Red Bull has roped in renowned visual Artist Sameer Kulavoor to design the Celebration Can with a series of graphic art illustrations. Celebration Can designs consist of different festival related motifs, capturing the whole array of festivals from different parts of the country through symbolism. For instance, to depict the romance between the couple, the heart symbol and eye contact is used to show the playful aspect of Navratri.

The motifs act as pieces of the larger magnum opus that would be revealed through VR and would be embedded in the main mural, captured in much detail. Besides the limited edition celebration can, one can purchase a Virtual Reality 6 Pack, where the package can be transformed into Virtual Reality Glasses. On typing the URL, on the smartphone, one can dive into an animated 360 world of festivals in virtual reality experience showcasing the various familiar festive sights coming to life. Additionally, the communication code will also have two integrated VR games; Red Bull Jod Ke Tod & Red Bull Kite fight for an enhanced, interactive gaming experience.

Talking about the Celebration Can and his design, Visual Artist and Founder of Bombay Duck Designs, Sameer Kulavoor said, “When Red Bull approached us to design a unique limited edition ‘India’ Can, we started thinking about what encapsulates the energy and dynamism of our young and diverse country. We felt that our festivals and the way we celebrate is something unique to us as a country – the way ‘celebrations’ make their way from our homes onto the streets. We decided to tap into this energy by creating an illustrative design with our people as pattern around the theme of festivals. It was challenging to create a design that was inclusive and representative of, perhaps, the most diverse country in the world!”

“The individual elements from the design of the can make their way into an illustrated panorama – to showcase how these elements actually thrive and where do they belong. The next step was to add life to the static artwork by means of making it interactive and animated. The 360 VR is a unique experience wherein the viewer is made to feel the pulse of Indian festivals in an illustrated version.” Sameer Kulavoor added on the mural being translated into a 360 VR experience.”

On his association with Red Bull, Sameer highlighted “Red Bull India has been pushing the boundaries of innovation and documenting alternative culture through their unique and original initiatives and we at Bombay Duck Designs find this project to be another great step in that direction. We are pleased and proud to be a part of this unique collaboration!”

The Limited Edition-Celebration Cans will be available pan India at retail stores for a period of 2 months from 2nd week of September till 4th week of October. Big Bazaar, Hypercity, Spar, and Spencers Retail are some names in the Modern Retail space and Bigbasket and Grofers in the online shopping category where the limited edition- celebration can SKUs will be available. The price of each SKU is as follows:

Red Bull Energy Drink 250ml – Rs 110

Red Bull Energy Drink 4 PACK – Rs 410

Red Bull Energy Drink VR6 PACK – Rs 600

With the Celebration Can Campaign, Red Bull India has planned a total growth of Sep’17: 17% Oct: 11% vs 2016.

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