Republic Media Network Emerges as No.1 news network in India as per latest BARC ratings


Republic Media Network has been thoroughly vindicated by the latest viewership ratings released by BARC. Across Republic TV, Republic Bharat, and Republic Bangla, Republic Media Network has decisively and solidly established complete and ultimate news dominance across the English, Hindi, and Bangla news genres.

As per BARC’s viewership figures, smashing all records, Republic TV recorded a smashing performance across India, and across time bands.

  • Republic TV is 200% greater than the Number 2 channel TIMES NOW.
  • Republic TV’s continued dominance in super primetime was once again established by the whopping 44% viewership share it recorded in the time band.
  • Across India, Republic TV’s viewership was 270% greater than India Today, and 330% greater than CNN News18.

This all-round performance that has towered over the competition single-handedly shatters the entire conspiracy and propaganda campaigns against Republic TV. Republic Bharat has continued to dominate the Hindi news genre with a splendid and record-breaking performance that has unseated Aaj Tak in primetime. Republic Bharat’s primetime show Poochta Hai Bharat is in pole position as India’s most-watched news show in its slot. As India’s most loved Hindi news channel which has dominated on its coverage of the Ukraine-Russia War and the recently concluded elections, the record viewership ratings released today have once again toppled the legacy Hindi news player.

With the scorching and historic entry of Republic Bangla into the Bengal news genre, a new order in Bengali news has been undisputedly established. As per the BARC viewership ratings, Republic Bangla has not only become the Number 1 news destination in primetime but has also unseated ABP Ananda across all primetime slots. Republic Bangla is 230% of the viewership of Zee 24 Ghanta.

With all three channels of the Republic Media Network recording stellar and historic performances, the Network is now India’s largest news network.

Republic Media Network takes pride in being built, brick-on-brick, by the hard work of the finest professionals in Indian news media. We are fuelled by the insatiable pursuit of the truth. And we are shouldered by the overwhelming love, faith, and support of the people of India. Today, as this ultimate vindication of leadership in viewership across India, across channels, is before the world, Republic Media Network thanks its millions of supporters across the world. We are grateful, every day, for your love and immovable faith.

Source – BARC India | Target Group:-NCCS 15+ | Period:- WK.10’22 | Market:- India | Days:- All Days

Source – BARC India | Target Group:-NCCS M 22+ | Period:- WK.10’22 | Market:- West Bengal | Days:- Weekdays | Time:- 1700-2000

Source – BARC India | Target Group:-NCCS AB 22+ | Period:- WK.10’22 | Market:- HSM | Days:- Weekdays | Time:- 1900-2000

Arnab Goswami, Editor-in-Chief, Republic Media Network said, “The viewership across the Network is historical. These numbers are the ultimate answer to the conspirators who laboriously spent months hatching conspiracy after conspiracy against us. The truth and the viewership are both with Republic because we have the faith of the people of India, and no one can change that.”
Specifically commenting on the wide gap between Republic and the competition, Goswami said, “We are 200% bigger than any other channel in the English News genre. That is unmatched dominance. In Hindi, with Republic Bharat, we have become the leading channel much ahead of AajTak in the most critical slots. In Bangla, we have created history by a thundering entry. We have become Number 1, beating ABP Ananda in primetime which was the leading channel there. Today, with pride I can say that Republic is the largest News Network in India. These phenomenal results are a slap in the face of channels who conspired against us.”

On the overwhelming reaction from the people of India, Goswami said, “We are flooded with calls from Advertisers, Supporters, and Viewers who are calling the channel to congratulate us. We are so grateful for their support.”

Goswami added, “There is a phenomenal spirit and energy in all our newsrooms—Mumbai, Noida, and Kolkata. I am so proud of my team who has let their journalism do the talking. I will say though that even though this is a big vindication of Brand Republic, the game has just begun”.

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