Rilastil, Italian dermatological skincare brand announces India market entry


The long-established dermatological skincare brand Rilastil, which belongs to the Italian Corporate Ganassini Group, announced its launch in India this month. Determined to lead the future of dermatology, the brand is renowned for its scientific honesty in the development of innovative, safe, and effective formulas to meet the thriving beauty landscape of India.

India, known for its diverse cultural heritage and dynamic beauty landscape, emerged as the ideal destination for Rilastil to establish a foothold. The brand’s expansion into India reflects the nation’s burgeoning interest in beauty, marked by a growing emphasis on self-care and the appreciation of individuality.

Rilastil will offer a range of premier dermatological products and treatments, including depigmentation, hydration, acne solutions, face cleansers and sun protection systems.

Commenting on the Launch Mr. Giorgio Berni | Managing Director, Asia Pacific said “Since more than 50 years ago, Rilastil has represented the commitment of identifying skin problems and providing effective scientific dermatological solutions. “Our steadfast dedication to continual research and innovation, along with our venture into fresh international markets and the development of exceptionally effective products, has been instrumental in propelling our company’s growth. Introducing our product range in India is a momentous occasion for the brand, representing a significant milestone as we connect with a new cohort of discerning consumers.”

Commenting on the launch Mr. Karan Narula | Head India Operations “Bringing beauty to India isn’t just about importing products; it’s about introducing transformative experiences that empower individuals to embrace their unique beauty and confidence, redefining standards and inspiring self-expression across the nation. We would be bringing in a range of products currently, which will be available at select pharmacies, medical clinics and e-commerce.”

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