Royal Challengers Bangalore has a New Fun Captain

One of the most celebrated outfits in T20 cricket, Royal Challengers Bangalore have always set the benchmark for both on field excellence as well as off field revelry in the marquee cricketing tournament. Keeping in line with this tradition, the Bangalore based team has announced, Captain Morgan, the iconic personality known to be ‘the’ entertainment package in every celebration, as their official Fun Captain for the 2018 season.

As someone who personifies ‘Fun’, Captain Morgan’s association with the franchise was revealed in an engaging and endearing way with the fans over Royal Challengers Bangalore’s social media properties, drawing adulation and appreciation from scores of enthusiasts.

The Captain Morgan Cola – RCB story is going to be told through a series of digital videos where Captain Morgan shows RCB fans how to be a fun all-rounder and also gives a rousing speech on how to have fun on the field.

Tossing puns and having a humorous take on each match, the Captain will also be presenting his fun match analysis with the RCB team through animated conversations.

During the RCB matches, Captains will be seen on the cheer podium holding up banners with catchy, ‘punny’ lines that add an element of fun to key match moments.

Amrit Thomas,  Chairman, Royal Challengers Sports Pvt Ltd & CMO, Diageo India, said, “The element of fun is best represented by the Captain Morgan who not only brightens every celebration he is part of but also ensures nobody from his crew is left out. This season we wanted the team and the RCB fans to have as much fun off the field as we do on it, and who better than the Fun Captain himself to lead the charge for us.”

He further added, “We believe that each and every component of the team is reflective of the culture we seek to imbibe as a franchise and keeping true to this vision, we have turned the cheer squad into Captains to ensure a progressive gender portrayal that un-stereotypes cheerleaders. I hope it brings about a positive change in the way fun is woven in the fabric of T20 cricket.”

The campaign was created in association with East India Comedy who are the content partners for Captain Morgan Cola.

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