Scaler kicks off new brand campaign championing ‘impact-driven’ tech talent

Scaler kicks off new brand campaign championing 'impact-driven' tech talent

Scaler (by InterviewBit), one of the fastest-growing tech upskilling startups, today kicked off its brand marketing campaign with a film that draws on popular shows and internet references as it takes the audience through an exciting premise that builds up to the punch line. The campaign, which will be run on digital platforms over the course of the next few weeks, aims to throw light on the enduring skill gap in the technology space and the urgent need to address the same.

Through the campaign, Scaler aims to reiterate the importance of practical exposure and industry relevance in talent and the true value potential of a robust skillset, which empowers the holders to create a meaningful impact through whatever they do. The brand urges techies to imbibe the true value and create a resilient repository of practical capabilities, shifting the onus of ‘creating impact’ onto the techies themselves.

Scaler has also announced a marketing budget of INR 100 crore for 2022. The core focus is to leverage digital media’s power by creating IPS, curating branded content, and choosing the right voices to partner with for influencer campaigns to accurately convey the brand’s value proposition to its niche audience.

Speaking about the film, Abhimanyu Saxena, Co-founder, InterviewBit & Scaler Academy, said – “Scaler has always been a proponent of the importance of having the right set of skills to perform any given role, and believes that securing a good job, while important and gratifying, is not the sole purpose of acquiring a skillset. The gap in skills that we are currently witnessing in the industry, acerbated even more by the rapid digitalisation that followed in the wake of Covid-19, has brought to light the need to not only keep oneself relevant by updating one’s skill set but also the value of thinking beyond oneself and using one’s skills to effectively address and overcome key challenges in the way we work and live.

The campaign launch will be largely digital-led, following a double-pronged approach, with the brand film being ‘pushed’ to consumers via channels such as OTT, YouTube, and other social media, and from the ‘pull’ perspective, supported with memes, social media engagement activities, and other content collaborations across genres and geographies. In addition to crowdsourcing memes from their very own learner community (@memersofscaler), Scaler also plans to curate a series of brand engagements with niche influencers in the edutainment space, the likes of MBA Chaiwala, Soch by Mohak, RJ Abhinav, and Dhruv Rathee, to name a few. The campaign will also be further extended through regional content, beginning with the brand’s first web series partnership with Chai Bisket for the popular Telugu show 30 weds 21, in its second season.

Rahul Karthikeyan, Chief Marketing Officer, Scaler, added, “In the past, we have seen considerable success with our BTL approach, and this only reaffirms our belief that a unique value proposition like ours is best conveyed to our target audiences through engaging storytelling that effectively rises above the noise in the sector. Through our campaign efforts, we endeavour to build a meaningful connection with our audience, which ultimately transitions into consumer advocacy for the brand in the long term.”

Scaler is also proactively building a community of enthusiastic developers and coders on new-age platforms in an endeavour to bring the country’s aspiring coding talent together. With over 96,000 members, Scaler runs India’s largest active online tech community on Discord, where tech enthusiasts share their knowledge with community members, collaborate for projects and discuss everything about technology. In addition, the company also runs the Scaler Star program, which helps in growing and engaging the community with the help of dedicated community ambassadors.

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