Schbang begins a content production service- The Global Content Hub

Schbang, the creative and technology transformation company, is launching a content production service, the Global Content Hub. The services offered by Schbang are of a creative production studio that powers content for digital ecosystems. The service offering is intended to generate content for brands on their digital platforms with a non-traditional production structure.

The context of production is evolving and changing in India and the world. Advertising assets that are created by brands are focused to create a long term impact or a shorter shelf life. While both the approaches require different processes and even production capabilities, the creative+technology transformation company is catering to brands, agencies and creators via this Global Content Hub. The company already has a production arm for films that are large-scale in nature with a longer shelf life, hence the Global Content Hub is aiming to serve clients across the world with a plethora of short-format content options that are effective and aid in driving imagery or business, or both.

The Global Content Hub will produce content for Instagram reels & YouTube shorts, behind-the-scenes films, instructional & educational videos, in-studio photoshoots & stop motion, podcasts, testimonial films, short-form media assets and e-commerce listing imagery.

Commenting on the launch of the Global Content Hub, Akshay Gurnani, Co-Founder, Schbang said, “Platforms are evolving by the day and it’s important that as marketers, we are mindful of the myriad of content opportunities that are available for brands to drive effective storytelling. With the global content hub we aim to deliver content at scale, keeping an equitable balance between pricing and creativity.”

Aaron Caeiro , Head of Production said “Now more than ever, brands and agencies are in need of crisp, clean, beautiful content to enhance their digital platforms. With Global Content Hub’s fast turnaround time and commitment to quality, we aim to fill that gap in the market seamlessly. While we produce large-scale films with Schbang Motion Pictures, we intend to help and support brands, agencies, and professionals globally.”


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