Sharechat unveils a new brand identity


India’s leading multilingual social media platform, ShareChat, launched a new brand film positioning the platform as the go-to destination for trending content in India. The app enables users from all across the country to stay up to date on the latest events. Aptly titled ‘Aaj Kya Trending Hai?’ (What’s Trending Today?), the brand film perfectly aligns with ShareChat’s positioning as a hub for all things trending and culturally significant.

The film revolves around the common occurrence of not having answers to casual questions like ‘What’s up?’ or ‘Aur Batao’ (What’s going on?). The film portrays a scene in an office where two colleagues are trying to strike up a cordial conversation. Through their conversation, they discover the perks of being connected to the whole world through ShareChat, allowing them to stay updated with “Poori Duniya ki Kahani” (the whole world’s story). One of the colleagues using the application has an exciting story to share, from how the Naatu Naatu song became a global sensation to the hottest trends in various regions of India. With the ShareChat app, one can always stay informed about “Aaj kya Trending Hai!” (What’s trending today!).

Announcing the launch of the brand film, Mousumi Mishra, Head of Consumer Marketing for ShareChat & Moj, said, “For our consumers, trends range from not just what is being spoken about at the moment but also to how things are changing around them to what their community is doing together. Every day, millions of users come and engage with the ‘Trending now’ section to find & create content on such trends. As a platform of choice for the Indian audience, ShareChat has become a destination for not just the latest but also the most relevant content across genres like humour, astrology & devotion, emotions, culture & festivals, entertainment and news and this film is a reflection of that positioning.”

The ShareChat app has everything from festival greetings to viral memes, from devotional content to significant headlines. Through captivating in-app activations like Entertainment Junction, Fun & Learn and Food Fair, the platform effectively engages users across various categories, encouraging them to return to the application regularly. Its user-friendly design and powerful recommendation system ensure that every user discovers content that aligns with their interests, making it the ideal homegrown platform for exploring and sharing trends.

The film created by Schbang has been released in four languages, including Tamil, Marathi, Kannada, and Telugu.

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