Signify launches its new easy-to-install Philips T Beamer LED batten

Philips T Beamer LED batten

Signify launched its latest easy-to-install LED batten called Philips T Beamer in India.  This innovative 2-feet long LED Batten can be installed in existing LED bulb sockets and requires no elaborate installation set-up. Its simple plug-and-play design offers a wide light spread and easy installation whilst preventing damage to walls caused during the installation of regular LED battens. It also features a unique swivel function, which enables customers to move the product up and down up to 70 degrees for better focused lighting.

“At Signify, we have always been at the forefront of product innovation and strive to design products basis unique customer insights. While most consumers prefer LED battens, they are apprehensive about the wall damage and elaborate installation process required. I am very proud that we’re launching an LED Batten that prioritizes the customer’s need for easy installation, whilst preventing wall damage. We are confident that this product will benefit customers seeking the dual benefits of higher illumination and simple installation,” said Sukanto Aich, Chief Marketing Officer for Signify in India.

India is one of the biggest tubelight markets in the world, with consumers using at least one tubelight on average to illuminate a room in their household. With the growing penetration of LEDs in the country, consumers are increasingly replacing their conventional tubelights with LED battens. However, upgrading to an LED batten requires elaborate installation set-up and invariably causes damage to walls. To address this gap, Signify has introduced this innovative Philips T Beamer that offers a wide light spread like a LED batten, but which can be easily installed in an existing LED bulb socket, thus not requiring an elaborate installation process and enabling an easy upgrade to LED battens.

Product features –

•       2-feet length for Wider Light spread

•       Attractive Price: Available at INR 499/-

•       Available in 20W variant (2000 Lumens)

•       Higher brightness (100 lumen per watt i.e. 2000 lumen for this product)

•       Swivel body – Product can move up and down up to 70 degrees for better focus

•       EyeComfort Technology – safer for eyes, low glare

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