Siyaram’s Dussehra Campaign Challenges Audience with #10DaysofGoodwill


Siyaram’s is one of India’s leading manufacturers of suitings, shirtings and apparels in men’s fashion and has been a leader in the P.V. Suitings & Shirtings by making global fashion accessible to the Indian consumer. With a rich legacy of over 30 years, Siyaram’s has dedicated itself to values like quality, continuous innovation, sincerity and more. The iconic tagline of the brand- “Come home to Siyaram’s” – still brings about a feeling of quality among its audience on both social and digital media platforms.

Brand: Siyaram’s (Fashion)

Campaign: #10DaysofGoodwill

Agency: CogMat 


Siyaram’s launched a Dussehra Campaign to strengthen Brand’s personality trait of ‘Sincerity’, leading to brand recall and affirming its ethics among its audience.


On the festive occasion of Navratri and Dussehra, Siyaram’s, engaged its audience with the  #10DaysofGoodwill challenge, persuading them to take up little acts of kindness, be it making an effort to connect with a long lost school buddy or to making an apology to someone you have hurt in a big or a small way.

The agency developed ten different signature creative, each in a daily colour of Navratri. Furthermore, each creative posted a different challenge every day, to perform a simple act of kindness.

N.Gangadhar, VP – Marketing, Siyaram Silk Mills Ltd. said, “The idea was to infuse the festival values combined with the Brand’s character, which represents sincerity and morality. Although the numbers were so impressive, the quantum of the result can’t be gauged just by them, but with the actual acts of kindness performed by the audience, which made the campaign a truly rewarding one!”

Mitchelle Carvalho, CEO of CogMat said, “Being a long time association, we understand brand Siyaram’s core character, which signifies going back to your basic human morals, which we often overlook while dealing with daily stresses of life. The numbers raked by the campaign proves that the brand has been successful in reminding the values that the festival of Dussehra imbibes, which is overcoming the evil within, and being humble and kind to ones around us.”

Period: The activity was carried out from the 20th of September until 30th of September on Facebook and Twitter


  1. A successful participation through photo posts made by the audience performing the given challenges was seen. The campaign helped the brand achieve organic likes and followers.  The campaign also helped in recalling brand’s core messaging which is ‘sincerity’.
  2. Social media results are as below:
  • Total No. of Impressions( Twitter): 32,000+
  • Total Reach (FB, Twitter): 1.45 lakh
  • Organic follower growth: 100+ (during the campaign)
  • Entries (Facebook, Twitter): 750+
  • Per day average entry: 39

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