ŠKODA in association with Bloomberg|Quint & PHD Media launches ‘Pursuits’

Bloomberg|Quint announced its association with ŠKODA & PHD Media to produce ‘Pursuits’, a series highlighting journeys of individuals with remarkable achievements across various sectors. The 10-episode series will be launched on 10th Jan and augmented on multiple digital platforms.

The series, which airs exclusively on bloombergquint.com will capture stories of individuals who in pursuit of their dreams embarked on an unconventional journey and achieved something worthwhile. For the first time ever, ŠKODA will travel across the length and breadth of the country, to tell their protagonists’ stories in a never-seen before manner. The series also breathes new life into the art of storytelling with crisp content and excellent visuals.

Pursuits will tell the exceptional stories of artists and activists, storytellers and curators of music, entrepreneurs and creators of change. Identified by the Bloomberg|Quint team after extensive research and thought, these unconventional talents who share common attributes of making a difference in their respective fields, will tell their stories, to inspire others. Matt and Namrata, Founders Blue Tokai Coffee, theater personality Roysten Abel, movie director Sriram Raghavan and many more, will be featured.

Speaking about the launch of Pursuits, Mr. Anil Uniyal, CEO at Bloomberg|Quint said, “We are elated to bring to India an all new storytelling experience with Pursuits. The series, much like our partner ŠKODA is all about standing out, setting new standards, and raising the bar for excellence. The idea behind Pursuits resonated with common values shared by all partners, and we look forward to the success of the show.”

Tarun Jha, Head of Marketing & Product, ŠKODA Auto India Pvt. Ltd. said, “Storytelling is a part of ŠKODA’s global communication strategy. We look at human stories with elements of endeavour, dedication and achievement. The concept of ‘Pursuits by ŠKODA’ fits this requirement beautifully and we are very happy to bring it to life.” 

Jyoti Bansal, CEO, Omnicom Media Group said “In the spirit of finding a better way for ŠKODA to build deeper engagement with its customers- present and potential, PHD identified ‘Pursuits’ – great stories of people who are ‘driven’ in different ways to realise their true potential. The premise is so fitting to what ŠKODA stands for and we are looking forward to creating a property which will set new standards.”

‘Pursuits by ŠKODA’ promises to be a personal account of individuals that goes beyond the basic information available about a person on the internet, and will engage with the audience to highlight what makes these people who they are, what shapes them and how their minds work.

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