Social Pill Launches AI Tool to Streamline Advertiser Self-Declarations


Social Pill, through its AI-forward stance, developed a custom GPTthath will help advertisers cut their time of submitting the self-declaration form to about 3 minutes or less from the traditional 10 to 15 minutes for every single advertisement. Under this, the advertiser needs to upload the ad creative to the GPT and the tool will automatically read the creative and furnish the information that needs to be filled in with regards to the ads.

The mandate of the new self-declaration compliance laid out by the Ministry of Information Broadcasting for all advertisements going out from 18th of June 2024, requires that every single ad in outdoor, print, television and digital media carry a self-declaration alongside.

The process laid out mentions that the agency would require a letter of authorisation (LOA) from the client that enables them to apply for self-declaration. This declaration states that any information that is being communicated via the ad is not misleading and in compliance with the ethical guidelines of MIB. This poses a challenge to mid and larger digital agencies that publish multiple ads every single day on platforms like Google and Meta for their advertisers.

Neelesh R Pednekar, Co-Founder & Head to Digital Media mentioned, “We anticipated the ambiguity and chaos that could come along with the implementation of the self-declaration form and started working towards building the custom GPT. We have always leveraged technology to make things simpler and easier. This tool will cut down the burden on the executives who are managing the campaigns by reducing their time to fill in the self declaration forms.”

Below is how the form looks on the press council portal:


Below is how the form looks on the MIB Self Declaration Portal:


Dedicated to harnessing technology to simplify processes, the tool offers an intuitive and efficient solution for digital advertisers. By merely uploading their advertisements, users can quickly generate the necessary content needed for the form with all relevant Ad-related information.

This tool will not only help filling in the details on the MIB portal but also for advertisers who are self declaring on the Press Council website.

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