Sony Music Kids partners with Chakmak Magazine

Sony Music Kids partners with Chakmak Magazine

Sony Music Kids partners with Eklavya Foundation, to bring 67 Chakmak Kathayein in the form of audio stories and podcasts. In order to provide a modern twist to these classic tales of information and entertainment, the partnership is aimed at delivering this original content to 240 audio streaming platforms worldwide. The content will be catering to the demands of a new generation of children and adults who prefer consuming contents on Digital mediums. The first 8 Chakmak Kathayein will be released on March 19, 2021 as the Exam Break stories. 

The first volume of Chakmak Kathayein includes eight interesting stories Bhaat ki Khushbu Aaj Bhi Yaad Hai, Kala Chaand, Kala Pathar, Pass Tha; Fail Bataya, Raju Ram Sa, Tan Tan Tan, Langda Gudda, and Khazane Ki Khoj. 

Sony Music Kids delivers original and premium content in the field of music, entertainment, and learning that serves kids and families exclusively. Chakmak Kathayein will bring stories that are relevant, engaging and poignant to kids of all age group.

Speaking on the association, Anjana Devraj, Head – Sony Music Kids, said, “Media consumption has grown exponentially, and the pandemic has seen devices land up in everybody’s hands, including kids from rather small ages. We at Sony Music Kids understand that one doesn’t always need a screen to pique your imagination creatively. In fact, listening to music, podcasts and audio stories encourages kids to use their mind’s eye, thus helping in increasing memory and retention skills, improving attention and concentration skills, and basically stimulating their imagination. By bringing Chakmak Kathayein and family-friendly content in audio formats, we hope to maximize the learning potential of children, reduce screen time, and create options of quality time learning and entertainment. Chakmak has been a name that has carved out an ever-lasting legacy in their space and we’re glad to associate with them and have their interesting stories being narrated and made available world-over in a digital format.”

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