SonyPictures Networks India launches its Kid’s Entertainment Channel- Sony YAY!


Sony Pictures Networks India (SPN) today announced the launch of its much-awaited Kid’s Entertainment Channel – Sony YAY! that will go LIVE on18th April 2017. Promising to be the ‘Destination for Unlimited Happiness’ for Kids, the channel has roped in the young cinestar, Tiger Shroff, who has become a phenomenon with kids across the country, as its brand ambassador.

Targeted towards bringing more happiness to kids between 2-14 years of age, Sony YAY!will go LIVE with four original, locally produced, animated shows, a first for any channel in this genre. A first-of-its-kind musical comedy titled Guru Aur Bhole on Mon – Fri at 10am, Sab Jholmaal Hai – A world full of pets that’s nothing short of mischief, mayhem, madness, on Mon – Fri at 9 AM, a classic tale of venturesome friendship Prince Jai Aur Dumdaar ViruonMon – Fri at 11am and a unique laugh-out-loud Ghost Comedy Paap-O-Meter on Sat – Sun at 12pm will form the key programming mix of the channel at the time of launch. The shows promise to bring unlimited laughter and uninterrupted volumes of fun into the lives of our young generation. Each show explores a different genre in comedy and guarantees uniqueness in terms of its characterization and narrative, giving the little ones an experience they have not witnessed so far on their television screens.

Sony YAY! aims to give children a good laugh and huge doses of unadulterated entertainment in an environment that takes away the boredom and gives them the freedom to be themselves without any worries.

NP Singh – Chief Executive Officer, Sony Pictures Networks (SPN), “It goes without saying that the Indian Television industry is at an interesting crossroad, with the kids genre being a front runner in demanding innovation and freshness. Our kid’s channel, Sony YAY! with its original programming will excite and engage the young audiences and leave a lasting impact on their hearts and minds. With the launch of Sony YAY!, the network now offers tailor-made propositions for every member of the family.”


Leena Lele Dutta, Business Head, Sony YAY! “We are excited to launch Sony YAY! and be the platform that provides children with original Indian content that they can relate to and identify with. We couldn’t be happier to have Tiger Shroff on-board to support our vision of spreading happiness amongst our young audiences through content that is truly sensitized to their needs. Tiger Shroff is all heart and fun, making him the perfect fit for our brand. We are certain that kids will find an instant connect with our shows and the channels proposition of non-stop fun, non-stop MazzYAY!”

Tiger Shroff, Brand ambassador, Sony YAY! “I am humbled and forever grateful that my young fans shower me with so much love and this is my small attempt to reciprocate the same.  My association with Sony YAY! aims to bring happiness to all the young ones across the country. I am sure that they will enjoy watching Sony YAY! as much as they enjoy watching my movies. Wishing them non-stop fun and happiness.”

Sony YAY! will be available inHindi, Tamil and Telugu languages across direct-to-home (DTH) and digital cable platforms starting 18th April 2017 onwards. The channel will be promoted extensively across various channels of Sony Pictures Networks, DTH platforms, coupled with print, a robust digital and social media presence to engage with the young audience at different touch points.

5 thoughts on “SonyPictures Networks India launches its Kid’s Entertainment Channel- Sony YAY!

  1. Natsu Fireball

    Stop your nonsense. Noone will ever watch world’s most worst useless moronic channel Sony Yay. How could you take away our Animax from us? We want our love heart mind pride life channel ANIMAX back right now. Please Mr. N.P. Sinh sir, Ms. Leena Lele Dutta and Mr. Tiger Shroff, it is my life’s most ultimate important humble request to you please give Animax back to us. Please please please sir broadcast ANIMAX again in India. I beg you with all my might. Please I am ready to touch your feet to beg you to bring Animax back to me and otakus. In India, there are trillions trillions of Anime Lover and everyone of them watch Animax. Please sir give Animax back. Each time when think that Animax is gone, i feel like a crazy and my tears fall from my eyes. Sir please bring Animax back. If you really want to broadcast Sony Yay then please broadcast Animax in another channel number. Please sir please. I and all otakus are dying day by day without Animax. Please give our Animax back to us please sir please. Please please please.

  2. Sanyukta Chakraborty

    Mr NP Singh.Ms Leena Lele Dutta and Mr.Tiger Shroff I and the whole group fans of Animax request you that please please please and please don’t kill us like this,we really want our beloved Animax in India once again,whenever I see in my television that Animax is not there then also I feel that Animax is no more with me but by seeing so many requests,petitions and comments are being sent to bring back Animax in India,then I gained this confidence inside me that if these things are happening then Animax will return back in India,why are you not trying to understand the condition and feeling that we are so much ruined from inside without our favourite Animax channel,how can you do like this with all Otaku anime fans I am feeling so much bad from inside and I just cannot stop crying tears are being shed from my eyes and they are continuously falling ANIMAX,the only channel which so much favourite among such a big group base that only you have replaced with this channel Sony Yay .I don’t have any problem with Sony Yay but Animax should be there in India at any cost I won’t let you do like this,you all are stealing away my and all animax fans happiness which we got since 2004 on its launch date,

    1. Natasha Foster

      Ms.Sanyukta Chakraborty I can too understand what is the feeling of you and all Animax fans I have too sent so many signing petitions and comments to the whole Sony Team not only to Mr,NP Singh,I am too in this plan and mission of getting our Animax back.Till the time they do’nt understand the situation and feelings in our hearts that how are we feeling,I will everyday send some or the other comments and requests, I will not beg them because already I told them that I am begging you please give us back our Animax back, now no more begging I will just straight away write a big fat complaint letter to them,I will never forgive then for the kind of act that they have done.I want to just say this-LIVE LONG ANIMES,LIVE LONG ANIMAX,LIVE LONG ANIMES,LIVE LONG ANIMAX

  3. Samaksha Sharma

    Hey mr.NP Singh why aren’nt you trying to understand the situation,why, everyone in this world India are begging you so very much to bring back Animax again,we are never comfortable with your Sony Yay,from the time you have kept Animax away from us,we are so much sad and depressed because I really loved Animax so very much since its launch date and all the cutest and lovliest programs which came in it before going of Animax that all I really miss so very much,the kind of lie you told to all of us Animax fans that all its content will contents will shift to Sony Liv that has made all Animax fans so much angry,I hate you,I will never forgive the whole Sony Team,u all will basly suffer one day by doing like this.

  4. vinay

    Plzzzz bring back animax. I can’t live without it anymore plzzzzz.your sony yay is nothing but a stupid and nonsence cartoon can u compare this stupid thing with animax.i am missing animax sooooo much .take back ur stupid channel back nobody watch this stupid sony yay . and give us our fav animax back.


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