SUGAR Cosmetics becomes India’s most-followed consumer brand on Instagram

SUGAR Cosmetics becomes India’s most-followed consumer brand on Instagram

Cult-favourite premium beauty brand SUGAR Cosmetics has now become the most followed consumer brand on Instagram in India. Instagram page handle & link

Established in 2015, SUGAR Cosmetics hosts a range of beauty products that are specifically curated by beauty experts who understand the wide scale of Indian skin tones and complexions. Just in March this year, the brand crossed a landmark of 2+ million followers on Instagram, proving to be one of the fastest-growing consumer brands in India.

Since its inception, the brand understood the nerve of its consumers and prioritized value-based and informative content sharing on its social media pages. The content marketing strategy for SUGAR Cosmetics is built across all channels and is very bullish as the brand has built the capability in-house to produce quality content. Instead of just showing brand product pictures, SUGAR took a route of engaging influencers across regional, macro and micro to create content, viral makeup hacks and educational dos and don’ts that contributed to SUGAR’s success.

Through the engagement received, SUGAR Cosmetics started to learn about where their followers’ interest lies. It rode the wave of changing the content as per the new social media features and Instagram algorithms, allowing consumers to view content that is adapted to what they want to watch over what the brand wants to show, majorly through a data driven approach. Today, the brand has succeeded in making their Instagram page gripping for anyone who is seeking ways to up their beauty game.

This September, the brand launched #ShukarHaiSUGARHai, a television commercial featuring Bollywood powerhouses Ranveer Singh & Tamannaah Bhatia, with a guest appearance from Vineeta Singh, Co-Founder and CEO of SUGAR Cosmetics. This campaign also garnered high engagement through Instagram influencers and the #ShukarHaiSUGARHai contest that ran across channels. Earlier in February on Valentines’ Day, SUGAR Cosmetics launched the #WheelOfLove Campaign on Instagram. This gamified AR filter reached virality with more that 240k+ UGC that were uploaded.

Commenting on the landmark achievement, Vineeta Singh, Co-founder & CEO at SUGAR Cosmetics said, “Today we are proud and humbled to be one of the largest & fastest grown consumer brands in India, on Instagram digitally. Our goal from the very beginning has been to offer our audience a platform that not only provides them with engaging content but also gives them a sense of belonging. Social media is a powerful tool and this has helped us in connecting with our audience every day. We will always remain a ‘customer’ focus brand as they are the ones who determine our brand’s success and recognize our true potential, for which we are truly grateful.”

Resha Jain, Vice President, Content Marketing at SUGAR Cosmetics said, “We are elated to have become the most followed consumer brand on Instagram! For us, content has always been the hero and our teams have relentlessly worked towards achieving this milestone. There have been times where the content built on our platform has been lauded as an industry benchmark and has been adapted by many other brands to their liking. We will continue our efforts to make those 15-60 seconds of content to entertain, educate and inspire the women of today.”

SUGAR Cosmetics’ presence on other social media platforms has also been growing and evolving at a tremendous speed. The brand’s YouTube page has also had a huge growth spurt this year reaching more than half a million subscribers. Twitter on the other hand has also had great engaging growth and stands strong at 30.4K+, hitting on the trending tab through the #ShukarHaiSUGARHai campaign, and garnering various tweets from other iconic brands participating in on our Twitter contests and trends. The brand’s strategies for each social media page, be it LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter or Instagram, differ platform-wise which makes it compelling for their followers to engage with.

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