T.A.C Launches Kumkumadi Range Comprises Facial Products With Rubina Dilaik

T.A.C Launches Kumkumadi Range Comprises Facial Products With Rubina Dilaik

A combination of beauty and Ayurveda is seen in the recent launch of facial products. The fast-growing Ayurvedic D2C brand, T.A.C has launched Kumkumadi Range a host of holistic facial products for radiant and youthful skin featuring Rubina Dilaik, actor and winner, of Big Boss 14.

Through the mass appeal of the bright and brilliant actor, T.A.C wants to build awareness around Ayurvedic recipes and a strong connection with its digital audience. In a campaign video uploaded by Rubina Dilaik and the brand on various social media platforms, the actor appraises her fans about the benefits of Kumkumadi products and why they should embrace Ayurveda.

“With T.A.C our vision is clear, it is to HEAL – Helping (people) Embrace (an) Ayurveda Life (HEAL). Our new packaging embodies the same and will communicate in the form of a logo that will be made ubiquitous and become a symbol for a movement among the youth to choose T.A.C as an enabler towards adapting Ayurveda as a lifestyle,” said T.A.C founder Param Bhargava.

On the other hand, the co-founder Shreedha Singh informs us that Kumkumadi is a staple when it comes to youthful skin, and T.A.C has successfully formulated it and other key ingredients in multiple formats and products to meet the diverse needs of our consumer’s skin. She uttered, “We intend to take our message on healing and popularizing Ayurveda as a way of life among the masses.”

During the launch of the product, Rubina Dilaik says, “I am optimistic that people will willfully embrace the T.A.C Kumkumadi products and better understand the impact of Ayurveda as a way of life.” Rubina is an avid follower of Ayurveda and she believes that this product is natural skincare. However, this is a great opportunity for her to popularize Kumkumadi, a unique blend of herbs and oil for a healthy & radiant glow.

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