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Tata Sky: Redefining Workspace for Employees

MediaInfoline August 17, 2018

Tata Sky has once again pushed boundaries and challenged the status quo when it came to the setting up of their new office. The company strongly believes in the fact that it is the people who drive the progress of the company and contribute to the high-performance culture. Embodying this belief, Tata Sky has revamped the setup of their Head Office at Kalina in Mumbai and have broken the monotony by offering an inclusive environment in their new office that spells ‘empowering’. It has incorporated possible avenues of comfort and relaxation, leading to enhanced productivity and making it more relatable for employees and ultimately contributing to the overall business goals.

The place where an employee spends most of the day working is office. The design of the workplace can impact employees’ performance, mood and efficiency. Hence the overarching theme kept in mind while designing the office was ‘Be Your Own C.E.O’. Where the abbreviation C.E.O. stands for Collaboration-Experimentation-Ownership. The company believes that each employee needs to be given the opportunity of being a CEO which then allows a liberated mind to come up with innovations and execute them with passion and responsibility. This is how Tata Sky has managed to consistently build innovative and pioneering products & services as a Content Distribution Platform.

Sangram Chavan, Chief Human Resources Officer, Tata Sky said, “At Tata Sky we always prioritized the well-being of our most important assets – employees. We hence believe in nurturing the concept of ‘Be your own CEO’ with just the right amount of guidance and a collaborative environment as we now have.”


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