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The Times Of India’s #WantMyPaper Campaign

MediaInfoline June 19, 2020

Newspapers have established themselves as a crucial part of every Indian’s daily quota of information. Due to their strong editorial policies and fact-checking mechanisms newspapers help quell misinformation, thereby generating an exchequer of trust and accountability with their readership. Keeping this in mind, India’s largest media house, The Times Group has launched the ‘Want My Paper’ campaign to empower Indians to reclaim news authenticity by availing the trustworthy daily newspaper.

To combat the rise in fake news generation and distribution, and to provide greater insights about a variety of topics, ToI’s ‘Want My Paper’ Campaign asks the Indian audience to reclaim their right to legitimate and thoughtfully crafted information, and support expert journalism which is axial to maintain the nation’s democratic decorum.

Over the 179 years of its illustrious history, the Times of India has established itself as India’s most-read English daily, upholding the trademark values that have helped weave newspapers into the cultural fabric of the country. Not only do newspapers help establish accountability through incisive reportage, they also propagate information heterogeneity. Unlike with digital media, newspapers do not ration news categories for people by placing filters, they place daily information spanning multiple genres directly in the hands of the readers, providing them the opportunity to be informed without virtual barriers or preference-based censorship.

Additionally, their non-intrusive nature leaves no room for unwanted data-mining, provides greater contextuality and drives a seamless experience by obliterating pop-ups and banners.

Sanjeev Bhargava, Director – Times of India said, “Newspapers are the guardians of democracy – they keep the public well informed about the important goings on, and help shape public opinion on key ongoing issues of national interest. With growing scientific evidence that newspapers are safe, and that there’s really no risk of catching an infection from them, our #WantMyPaper campaign is aimed at nudging our ardent readers about what they’re missing out without their trusted newspaper in their hands.”

India’s most-read English daily in the country, the Times Of India has been the source of the most authentic and reliable news, offering latest and unparalleled views, honest facts, incisive reportage and more, over its illustrious 179 years of legacy. As normalcy returns to the country, the celebrated and widely group aspires to be a positive change agent and a window to limitless opportunities for its ardent readers.

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