This International Men’s Day Gift Him A Moment With Ferns N Petals


This International Men’s Day, India’s leading Gifting giant Ferns N Petals decides to break this stigma and gift men with a moment through an open mic platform at the newly launched FNP venue UdmanHotel, Panchsheel on Saturday, 13th November 2021.
MOMENTOTHON is an open Mic for the Mantastic Men, specially curated by Ferns N Petals & FNP Media showcasing artists, speakers, poets, singers, storytellers, etc. A line-up of 8 curated artists will be knit together with another 20+ Speakers/Invitees, including men and women.

An open mic platform gives everyone to express their unfiltered thoughts on Men’s Day, woven with the campaign theme of the year –Building better relations between men and women. To keep the momentum on this very special day, the brand launches a short 2-min video releasing soon on 17th November 2021.

Gift him a moment– campaign is that men are considered as the strongest in human race, hence putting them under immense pressure has become a habit in the society. We expect men to be physically and mentally strong, perform seamlessly and expect zero errors. And if they do perform well, we add more to their cart and set our expectations a notch higher than earlier – this goes on. When men complain or express their discomfort or frustration, we tend to pamper them with gifts, hampers or send them off to a tour! But the question is, does that really solve their problem, men are undergoing? What is it that they want – did we try identifying that?

Ferns N Petals decides to gift him a moment of happiness, peace, of committing an error, of finding his own space, of appreciation, of respect, of failure, of love or of simple acknowledgement.

Komal Gupta, Head of Brand & Content Marketing and director of the brand film, Ferns N Petals comments, “With every man being expected to outshine the odds in every scenario, including the peer pressure and the gender bias, he goes through unexpected mental health issues. FNP’s Men’s Day Campaign is conceptualized keeping in mind, the unspoken truths of a man’s world, with a simple one to begin with – Not being able to have his own moment. These moments vary from someone seeking Space, while someone seeking Appreciation, Love or Respect. Every man needs his own moment, in order to find peace or happiness, and Gift Him a Moment is just the beginning to that”.

FNP is consciously foraying into various fields to make your occasion even more memorable with their products and services. FNP Media is producing short films as of now and now working on multiple webseries and feature presentation and are looking to be listed in next 3 years. With a total investment outlay of 100cr+, to start with, FNP Media is poised to become a strong & prominent media company creating content in all formats, for all platforms globally.

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