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This National Nutrition Month, #ChooseYourFeed on Twitter

MediaInfoline September 18, 2020

The hustle of everyday life oftentimes leaves people with very little bandwidth to focus on their nutrition and wellbeing. However, the current environment has given many people the opportunity to take a closer look at their diet and re-evaluate it. Since Twitter is the centrespace for public conversations, the service has been witnessing an increasing number of discussions around health and fitness, with diet and nutrition at the heart of these conversations. Several experts and influencers are also making the most of Twitter’s conversational power to debunk myths about latest diet fads while bringing back the focus on sustainable changes that one can incorporate in the diet.

If you’re someone who is careful about what you eat, you can now also choose what you consume on Twitter, with features like Lists and Topics that let you #ChooseYourFeed.

To mark National Nutrition Month, some of India’s well-known nutrition and fitness experts such as Dr. Subhashree Ray (@DrSubhashree), Radhika Karle (@RadhikaKarle), and Kavita Devgan (@kavitadevgan) created Twitter Lists of their favorite accounts on nutrition and healthy eating, to show you how you, too, can #ChooseYourFeed and boost it up with the healthiest, most nourishing conversations.

Twitter Lists are a compilation of various Twitter accounts, and you can create your own Lists or follow Lists created by others. With Lists, you can put together your favourite accounts that Tweet on a particular subject such as food, parenting or any other, and populate a List timeline. Viewing a List timeline will show you a stream of Tweets from only the accounts on that List, making it easier for people to find what interests them.

Topics, on the other hand, use machine learning to find related Tweets on a subject. Twitter has Topics across numerous interest categories that you can follow to see the best Tweets about what’s happening on the things that matter to you. When you choose to follow a Topic – whether it’s your favorite band, sports team or celebrity – you’ll see Tweets from a whole host of accounts that are experts, fans or just tend to talk about that thing a lot on Twitter.

Take a look at the Lists of your favorite nutrition and health experts’ go-to Twitter accounts –

Dr. Subhasree Ray (@DrSubhasree), who is a certified diabetes educator as well as a specialist in ketogenic diet, created a List of her go-to nutrition and diet Twitter accounts.

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Radhika Karle (@RadhikaKarle), nutritionist and pilates instructor, put together a List that you can follow for your everyday dose of wellness advice.

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Nutritionist Kavita Devgan (@kavitadevgan), who has also authored three books on the subject of food and diet, shared a List of credible sources for information around health and nutrition.

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