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Thoughtful Treats under INR 500 for your BFF this Friendship Day

MediaInfoline August 3, 2017

Your friends are your go-to people, mainly because they understand your situations better than anyone else. For all those who receive their salaries and pocket money post 7th August,  Friendship’s Day could prove to be an expensive affair; and, since your best friend knows everything about you (including your payday details), they probably expect nothing more than a big hug and a loud wish from your side.

It is rather unfair to let high budgets drive a wedge between two friends – so we have come up with our very own version of treats and presents for your BFF for the month-end. Get this: each option falls under INR 500, and ensures that your best friend will love you for the rest of your life (or at least, until next Friendship’s Day)!

Don’t let the month-end blues get in the way of your friendship – get creative and choose from the below options of amazing presents to creatively celebrate and cherish this Friendship’s Day!

  1. An SVOD Subscription! – Rs. 499/-

Admit it – you and your best friend have spent endless nights watching or gossiping about your favorite shows and movies! With this thought, gift them a yearlong supply of unlimited content available on Amazon Prime Video! For only Rs. 499/- a year, watch the latest Indian and International features and Amazon Originals at their own convenience on their very own personal screens. Dim the lights, close the curtains, grab that bowl of popcorn and ice-cream and binge bingebinge!

Visit or download the Amazon Prime Video app and sign your friend up for a Prime membership.

2.       A charming, and beautiful Friendship Bracelet – Rs. 499!


Crafted with the belief that jewels are more than just accessories; they are an extension of your personality – Karatcart’s Platinum Plated Blue Crystal Bracelet double up as the perfect “Friendship’s band” gift for your soul-sister.

The stunning bracelet is adorned with a high quality imported Austrian Crystal and will pair seamlessly with both Indian and Western outfits. The hint of sparkle along the rim is also sure to light up your bestie’s eyes !

Available at a Steal Deal price of Rs. 499 on Amazon Fashion

  1. The unltimate solution – Chocolates! – Rs. 150

Chocolates have a way of fitting into every situation. They are the sweetest gifts, which go a long way and is the only thing that you can never go wrong with.

Share the glamorous gift of Amul Peru Dark Chocolate for this special occasion

Amul Peru Dark Amazon, single origin dark chocolate, that is 55% rich in cocoa, is the perfect Hearty bar.

  1. Card Games – Unleash your Wilds and Draw Fours – INR 120

Sleepovers and Get-togethers are incomplete without you fighting with your friend for throwing a Draw 4 at you, just when you’re about to win. We’ve all been there at one point; But without a doubt those arguments are beautiful memories we create for ourselves.

UNO cards are a valued treasure and what better occasion than friendship day, to tell your friend that ready for more skips and draw 4s?

  1. A pocket-friendly, delicious Burger Date! – Rs. 50 for 2 (Not kidding)

Food is our best friend. It is a part of our every occasion, and every celebration and Burgers, is the one food that never fails to satisfy.We generally don’t like to share our burgers but this Friendship day is an exception, as Burger King brings to us a delicious offer of2 burgers at Rs.50. Allowing us to share the meal; meaning you and your BFF can enjoy this offer without any compromise and celebrate the occasion with the most crucial celebration partner. Infact, just for an additional cost of INR 44, Burger King will also add in a drink and Fries to the meal!


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