Tide wins over the internet with ‘Iss baar, hum chaunk gaye’

Tide wins over the internet with ‘Iss baar, hum chaunk gaye’

‘Chaunk Gaye?’ the tagline for P&G owned detergent brand Tide is an iconic one-liner instilled in the consumer’s mind for ages together. Taking this forward, Tide recently got into a quirky banter with an upcoming social media personality famous for grabbing eyeballs for sharing his ‘gyaan’ about life.

The banter quickly took the form of something even more heart-warming. Tide is committing to helping the kids at the NGO SOS Children’s Villages of India, to get the confidence of clean garments and empower them to pave the way towards a brighter future. As a gesture post this, the kids at the NGO, led by Chatpat their social media star, also created a fun memorable video for tide which is a trip down the memory lane as it is a recreation of an iconic Tide ad, but with a twist.

Link to the video – https://www.instagram.com/p/CXlWb3RI2EE/

This video is one of the most heart-warming UGC content in recent times on the internet. Tide’s contribution will go towards the NGO SOS Children’s Villages of India, the country’s largest self-implementing NGO in the domain of holistic childcare and development, who announced their brand ambassador for their ‘NoChildAlone’ Campaign. Chatpat, a 10-year-old boy, is the first-ever official Brand Ambassador of SOS Children’s Villages of India.

This all started when Chatpat recently posted a video of him rapping with his fellow kids wearing an all-white T-shirt. Taking on the opportunity, the laundry brand, which is famous for depicting how the detergent always cleaning stained clothes into bright-like-new garments’, commented saying “Aapki t-shirts aur rapping skills ne chaunka diya”. The repartee continued until Tide said – “Kya bolte ho, Chatpat? Chaunka de sabko?”, living up to its bright and lively persona.

Link to the banter:


Chatpat, the fresh new celebrity in the social media domain, is a 10-year-old boy from Mumbai who is seen to share his wisdom about life sure to give all adults a run for their money. His chirpy and pithy words of wisdom are getting him followers across platforms and bringing the spotlight on his street-smart solutions to life for all. Currently being followed as #Chatpatkagyaan on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter, Chatpat is winning hearts by the sheer simplicity of his genuine and quirky wisdom.

The iconic campaign of Tide – “Chauk Gaye” was crafted decades ago to break myths and barriers around laundry, but in the quintessentially ‘Tide’ way that always endeavors to bring a smile to everyone’s faces. The World’s No. 1 detergent brand has been winning hearts in India for over 20 years now.

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