Truecaller Dials To Say #HelloIndia

Truecaller has launched an outdoor campaign #HelloIndia

Truecaller has launched an outdoor campaign #HelloIndia to reaffirm its commitment towards India and to create more awareness around the brand. #HelloIndia is a testament to the brand’s continued effort to help India stay safe from spam and scams.

Through this #HelloIndia campaign, the brand aims to spread awareness of the origins of Truecaller and strengthen the brand’s connection with its Swedish roots. Truecaller’s sizable portion of the engineering and development team is based out of India and takes pride in building solutions and products for India and then taking them global.

Speaking about the campaign, Director of Marketing, Manan Shah, said: “We are proud to be a Swe-desi app – Born in Sweden, Built-in India and we wanted to tell the world about it. That’s when while working with Thinkstr, they came up with this campaign. It instantly resonated with all of us and we deployed it. This is part of our ongoing effort to create more awareness around the brand.”

Ravi Raghavendra, head of creative at Thinkstr and the writer of the campaign said, “While Truecaller is the 3rd most downloaded app in India, not many know that it was founded in Sweden. We wanted to tell people that we are from the land of innovation and excellence. Sweden has given the world a lot of innovations that have transformed human lives. Similarly, Truecaller continues to transform the lives of people by protecting them against harassers and pesky, irritating callers. It is our way of saying: from Sweden to India, with love.”

Truecaller is trusted by more than 200 million users in India and the numbers are growing by a staggering number each day. The brand is committed to bringing technology and technological innovation to the masses. This campaign is an attempt to connect the rich heritage and culture of Sweden with the diversity and enormity of India, which Truecaller calls its home country now. Being a customer-centric organization, the brand’s top priority is to facilitate a safe environment for consumers everywhere.

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