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Unlu is helping brands get celebrity endorsements in exciting new ways

MediaInfoline October 29, 2020

Unlu, one India’s best celebrity engagement platforms is creating a fresh and economical gateway for brands by helping their businesses to get celebrity endorsements at 1/10th of the actual market price. They have also joined hands with Alive India to get several musicians and artists on board to create copyrighted music and jingles for brands to use. The platform aims to build brand prominence and establish deeper consumer connect by bridging the gap between celebs and users by bringing over 500+ stars through brand endorsement campaigns all the way through their app. Additionally, these endorsements will help in the brand’s architecture and marketing efforts and will help small businesses or start-ups to turn into a brand overnight by building trust and relationship amongst their user base.

Featuring a unique & simple format, the platform will be offering a number of options by allowing users and celebs to interact through congratulatory, anniversary and birthday wishes with a personalized touch to it. Furthermore, the platform is collaborating with numerous Indian brands and digital platforms to bring together big stars & celebrities across multiple verticals and execute successful marketing campaigns.

Commenting on this Vipul Agrawal, Founder, Unlu – The worldwide pandemic has certainly cemented the way for innovative marketing strategies.  The need of the hour is out-of-the box marketing methods and strategies that can help a business reach its target audience for a fraction of the usual cost. The idea behind this is to facilitate brand endorsements which gives its audience an opportunity in this digital era by providing an authentic personalized experience to interact and collaborate with celebrities of their choice

UNLU has launched the business segment at a time when brands are under revenue and profitability pressure due to the current economic crisis and most are looking to spend wisely on ad campaigns involving celebrities. Unlike the past when brands used to spend crores on campaigns, they will be looking for video shoutout formats where higher ROI can be achieved at a fraction of the cost. The app is a new-age solution that makes social media endorsements and celebrity interactions enterprising and exciting.


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