Unlu kickstarts unluclass with Sania Mirza celebrating women achievers

Unlu introduces unluclass with Sania Mirza

Unlu announces a new unluclass with one of the most celebrated tennis players across the globe – Sania Mirza, celebrating the spirit of womanhood and their successful journey. Sania Mirza being the epitome of excellence is an inspiration to many. With a vision to inspire young adults to pursue the sport, Sania Mirza’s unluclass will go live on March 5, 2021.

Sania Mirza is also an inspiration to millions who want to follow their passion by keeping aside the limitations, apart from her professional repute of being the most successful tennis player. She gives a very strong inspirational message as a role model to every woman out there to never stop believing.

Sania Mirza will personally demonstrate different techniques in the unluclass, that she applies to her games. Sania also reveals some of her secret techniques, while some techniques are basic to tennis players. Her involvement in all the lessons is sure inspiring to watch.

“Winning and losing is a part of not just sports but is also a part of life and that is something that probably sports can teach you in the most practical way. Don’t think of yourself as a tennis player, think of yourself as limitless. You have the power, you have the win, you have the mindfulness of determination, and you just need one more thing. That is to learn from one of the finest in the world”, says Sania Mirza commenting on her association with unluclass.

“We salute the many hats that women wear throughout their life. In the upcoming months, through unluclass we aim to celebrate the achievements of women celebrities who have proved their mettle on the global platform by overcoming their own set of challenges. Through these associations, we are committed to channelizing their heart-warming stories directly from them for their eager fans. During her professional journey, Sania has also seen quite a number of failures but her indomitable spirit is truly inspiring and she is also going to share how to overcome failures at unluclass”, says Vipul Agrawal and Himanshu Periwal, co-founders of Unlu.

“Her journey from a 6-year-old tennis player to becoming the most successful player to receiving Padma Bhushan is truly inspiring indeed”, they added.

From the failures, successes and heartfelt stories shared by other unluclass celebrity mentors such as Ruskin Bond, Johny Lever, Manoj Bajpayee, etc., fans can also virtually learn.

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